thinkRF Introduces a Compact, Powerful and Cost-Effective Multiband Cellular Power Amplifier

thinkRF Introduces a Compact, Powerful and Cost-Effective Multiband Cellular Power Amplifier

thinkRF, a leader in software-defined spectrum analysis has launched a new High Power Amplifier. The thinkRF H1000A is the industry’s first intelligent multi-band cellular high power amplifier. The built-in microcontroller helps with the setup and to monitor and diagnose the health of the unit remotely. The thinkRF H1000A is equipped with dual-band architecture (High/Low band) for antenna optimization and dual TNC (frequency-banded) output ports to cover mobile wireless frequency bands from 700 MHz to 2.7 GHz.

“Portable, rugged, quiet, and reliable. These features are crucial to intelligence, security, and emergency communities for their wireless signal amplification cases,” said Theo Pantazopoulos, VP Custom Products, thinkRF. “The thinkRF H1000A has +20 W maximum power output and an adjustable gain up to 43 dB, which is designed to be used within a wider range of signal sources and a greater breadth of operational scenarios than other power amplifiers with similar electrical performance."

The thinkRF H1000A is a compact, rugged, fanless, networked, and remotely deployable multiband cellular power amplifier. It’s versatile power options make it a perfect asset for use cases in homeland security, emergency communications, TSCM (non-linear junction detection), and rural communications. Hybrid-mode operation enables an uninterrupted power source when switching from vehicle power to battery power and back. The hot-swappable battery feature allows the users to swap one battery at a time. Through the Ethernet port, the thinkRF H1000A can be networked so that it can be operated and monitored remotely. The user can also remotely adjust the system gain and perform remote diagnostics on units that are deployed in the field.

This compact and rugged amplifier has an IP66 rating. It can be networked and left unattended for remote applications. The thinkRF H1000A is a good option for man-mounted and in-vehicle applications. It has built-in power filtering, surge suppression, and regulation. It can be powered by two off-the-shelf V-mount batteries that can be found at your local camera store. It’s fanless, so it is quiet and more reliable (does not require frequency maintenance). The thinkRF H1000A is not ITAR encumbered. It’s not on the US munitions list and it’s designed and manufactured in Canada for general communications use.

Key features of thinkRF H1000A:

  • Dual-band architecture (High/Low band).
  • Frequency ranges from 715 MHz to 2.7 GHz.
  • RF operating power output: 10 Watts.
  • Power gain of up to 43 dB.
  • Networkable: Ethernet connection.
  • Single TNC RF input port.
  • Dual TNC (frequency-banded) output ports.
  • IP66 rated enclosure and sealed ports.
  • LED indicators for power and status.
  • Stealth mode to turn off LEDs.
  • Power detectors for RF drive detection.
  • Web-enabled power control.
  • Power options: Vehicle power or V-mount batteries.
  • Fanless: Silent, high reliability, and low maintenance.
  • Compact: 267 x 227 x 200 mm (10.5” x 8.9” x 7.9“).
  • Light: < 5 kg (11 lbs.).

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