Leading Media Company in Latin America Chooses ETL Systems' 128 x 128 RF Switch Matrix

Leading Media Company in Latin America Chooses ETL Systems' 128 x 128 RF Switch Matrix

Televisa, one of the leading media companies in Latin America and the operator of a direct-to-home satellite pay television system in Mexico, has chosen ETL SystemsRF distribution equipment for its ground segment update following a rigorous selection process.

Televisa is one of Mexico’s most powerful and influential TV networks and a leading provider in the pay-TV market. Producing some of the most popular telenovelas in the region, Televisa has played a major role in boosting the popularity of Spanish-language TV content.

ETL Systems were chosen to replace and upgrade the existing 64 x 64 matrix, which had become obsolete as operations had grown. To receive signals from multiple satellites, the customer required a bigger matrix to then distribute these signals to all integrated receiver decoders (IRDs).

Following multiple tests, ETL’s demo matrix impressed and the Harrier 128 x 128 RF matrix was chosen for the upgrade, as it met their minimum capacity requirements of 72 x 80. It also offered the option to expand in the future should the broadcaster need to scale up its operations.

“The response from ETL software when the matrix lost power was much faster than the competition, as was the stability of the signal after passing through the matrix. ETL also offered a free lifetime support guarantee, so should we encounter any issues we can rely on their support. Both of these factors are incredibly important to us, as we pride ourselves on offering a great service for consumers. We were also impressed by the different options of input/output modules, the architecture of the matrix, and its modular design. During the demo period, the whole team used the software, praising the intuitive and user-friendly interface, as well as the alarm reports.”

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