Trending RF/Microwave Automotive Products in 2021: September Edition

Trending RF/Microwave Automotive Products in 2021: September Edition

The automotive industry has witnessed a massive acceleration in the integration of RF and Microwave components - with applications spanning from control and safety to entertainment, and more. For instance, automotive radar systems – which are used for parking assistance, collision detection, and warning –  have moved from being available only in the highest-end vehicles to being present in common vehicles as well. This integration of cutting-edge RF technology in automobiles is only bound to increase as vehicles get smarter every day and the inevitable widespread launch of self-driving vehicles sometime in the future. This article lists trending automotive products on everything RF in 2021.

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Low-Power Automotive FMCW Radar Transceiver from 76 to 81 GHz

The TEF82xx from NXP Semiconductors is a single-chip, low-power Automotive FMCW Radar Transceiver that operates from 76 to 81 GHz. It enables 360-degree sensing through key safety applications including automated, emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, cross-traffic alert, and automated parking. Read more.

AEC-Q100 Qualified SPDT Switch from 0.9 to 6.0 GHz

The SKYA21038 from Skyworks is a Single-Pole Double-Throw (SPDT) switch that operates from 0.9 to 6.0 GHz. It has an insertion loss of 0.5 dB and provides isolation of 38 dB at 2.45 GHz. It is available in an MLPD package that measures 1.0 x 1.0 x 0.5 mm with integrated DC blocking capacitors and is ideal for automotive applications. Read more.

24 GHz Receiver Downconverter for Automotive Radars

The ADF5904 from Analog Devices is a 4-channel, 24 GHz, receiver downconverter. It provides an Rx channel gain of 22 dB with a noise figure of 10 dB and a P1dB of 10 dBm. Each channel contains a single-ended RF input with an on-chip balun followed by a differential low noise amplifier (LNA) and a downconverter mixer with differential output buffers. It is available in a compact 32-lead, 5 x 5 mm LFCSP package and is ideal for automotive radars. Read more.

5.9 GHz Automotive Grade 802.11p V2X Transceiver Modules

The VERA-P3 Series from u-blox are Automotive Grade 802.11p V2X Transceiver Modules that operate in the 5.9 GHz frequency band. These automotive-grade modules are based on the u-blox UBX-P3 chip for 802.11p, which offers superior RF performance and is qualified under the highly demanding AEC-Q100 grade 2 specification. Read more.

Crystal Oscillator for Automotive Applications from 1 to 75 MHz

The SG2520CAA from Seiko Epson is a Simple Packaged Crystal Oscillator (SPXO) that operates from 1 to 75MHz. It requires a DC supply voltage from 1.6 to 3.63 V and consumes a no-load current of less than 3.1 mA. The oscillator has a rise/fall time of 3.5 fs and a start-up time of less than 5 ms. It provides a CMOS output over an operating temperature from -40°C to +125°C. Read more.

DP4T Routing Switch for Cellular and Automotive Applications up to 6 GHz

The QPC1220Q from Qorvo is a High Linearity DP4T Routing Switch that operates from 617 to 6000 MHz for multiple air interfaces including 5G. It has an insertion loss of less than 0.95 dB and provides isolation of over 22 dB. The routing switch integrates a serial control system compatible with the RFFE 2.1 control interface. It is available in a 16-pin LGA package that measures 2.00 x 2.00 x 0.52 mm. Read more.

5.9 GHz C-V2X Chipset for the Automotive Sector

The Qualcomm® 9150 C-V2X ASIC from Qualcomm is a C-V2X (cellular vehicle-to-everything) SoC that is compatible with 5G and complements other Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) sensors. It has been designed to operate in the 5.9 GHz ITS spectrum. It includes C-V2X direct communication mode, which offers vehicles and roadside equipment low latency communications for Vehicle-to-Infrastructure (V2I), Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V), and Vehicle-to-Pedestrian (V2P) driving with or without the involvement of a cellular network. Read more.

Compact Multi-Frequency Active GNSS Antenna for L1/L2/L5 Bands

The M9HCT-A-SMA from Maxtena is a Multi-Frequency Active GNSS Antenna that supports L1/L2/L5 GPS, Galileo, Beidou, GLONASS bands, and L-band correction services. This RHCP helical antenna delivers a gain of 1.1 dB and has a peak efficiency of up to 46 %. It has an axial ratio of 1.2 dB at the Zenith and a beamwidth of 135 Degrees. Read more.

5 GHz Front End Module for 802.11p/DSRC V2V, and V2X Applications

The SKYA21043 from Skyworks is a 5 GHz Front End (FEM) Module for 802.11p/DSRC V2V and V2X applications. This FEM consists of an SPDT (T/R) switch, LNA with bypass, and a power amplifier. It has an integrated logarithmic power detector that provides closed-loop power control with a dynamic range of 20 dB. The FEM has LNA and PA disable functions that ensure low leakage current in the off mode. Read more.

24 GHz All-in-one RADAR Sensor for Entry Motion & Distance Detection

The SC1232AR3 from Socionext is a 24 GHz All-in-one RADAR Sensor for entry motion & distance detection without the need for an external MCU. It delivers an output power of 4 dBm and features a built-in autonomous motion/distance detection function with an I2C/SPI connection for settings & result acquisition. This device requires a supply voltage of 1.8 V and consumes 0.5 mW of power. Read more.

Dual-Purpose, High-Precision GNSS + Active Iridium Helical Antenna

The HC860 from Tallysman is a dual-purpose GNSS + Active Iridium Helical Antenna that is designed for high precision positioning applications. It supports GPS, QZSS, GLONASS, IRNSS/NavIC, and Beidou constellations including SBAS like WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS, or GAGAN. The antenna also supports active iridium reception in the 1616 to 1626.5 MHz band. Read more.

Anritsu Develops Functional Evaluation Solution for C-V2X PC5 Communication Systems

Anritsu Corporation has announced that its LTE V2X PC5 Communications Software MX725000A now supports the Cohda Wireless Communications Module MK6C Evaluation Kit (EVK). The Cohda Wireless MK6C EVK is a C-V2X evaluation kit using the MDM9150 chipset, supporting the cost-effective development of C-V2X applications and use cases. Read More.

Tower Semiconductor and Cadence Partner to Develop Reference Flow for 5G And Automotive Chips

Cadence Design Systems and Tower Semiconductor a leading foundry of high-value analog semiconductor solutions, announced the release of a silicon-validated SP4T RF-SOI switch reference design flow using the Cadence Virtuoso Design Platform and RF Solution. The reference design flow provides a faster path to design closure for advanced 5G wireless, wireline infrastructure, and automotive IC product development. Read More.

4D Imaging Radar Addressing the Rising Complexity and Cost of Automotive Safety

From enhancing safety and enabling electrification to achieve automation, the automotive industry is focused on creating the most intelligent vehicles as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible. Powered by 4D imaging MIMO radar, it features multiple distinct aspects that are instrumental in reducing complexity and cost while enhancing safety. This white paper explains why the industry is embracing a new model: multifunctionality on a single-chip platform. Read this whitepaper.

RF/Microwave Technology Driving the Connected Car

In-car networks and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), made possible through wireless sensors, driver-assist radar, vehicle communications, and related electronics, present many design challenges to engineers. This white paper looks at Cadence AWR Design Environment software solutions for RF to millimeter-wave (mmWave) front-end component development through the Cadence Intelligent System Design portfolio to specifically address electronic product development for automotive applications. Read this whitepaper.

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