Quantic Electronics Acquires Paktron Capacitors

Quantic Electronics Acquires Paktron Capacitors

Quantic Electronics ("Quantic"), a portfolio company of Arcline Investment Management ("Arcline"), has announced yet another acquisition of a capacitor company - Paktron Capacitors ("Paktron"), a leader in the design and manufacture of multilayer polymer film capacitors.

Founded in 1953, Paktron is one of the oldest capacitor manufacturers in the United States with an innovative portfolio of polymer film capacitor products, including miniature radial leaded capacitors, lead-frame capacitors, surface mount chip capacitors, and RC network snubber capacitors. Paktron's products are used in high-reliability applications across the defense, space, telecommunications, alternate energy, automotive, and other industrial end markets.

Kevin Perhamus, President and CEO of Quantic Electronics said that the addition of Paktron's product portfolio to their existing capacitor offerings enables them to deliver a full lineup of capacitor products that address their customers' difficult design challenges. E also said that Paktron has established a world-class manufacturing facility and an outstanding management team in Lynchburg, and he is excited to work with them to help them achieve their growth objectives.

Terry Martin, General Manager of Paktron said that Paktron has been a technological leader in the manufacturing of multilayer polymer film capacitors for over 60 years and that he would like to thank all the employees who have contributed to their years of success. He also said that partnering with Quantic provides a unique opportunity to enable Paktron to achieve the next stage of growth, and he looks forward to working with the entire portfolio of Quantic companies.

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