Johanson Technology Introduces Tri-Band WiFi 6E Chip Antenna

Johanson Technology Introduces Tri-Band WiFi 6E Chip Antenna712370

Johanson Technology Incorporated, a company specializing in the design and manufacture of high-quality RF & Microwave ceramic chip capacitors, inductors and integrated passives announced a new tri-band WiFi 6E chip antenna.

Increased demand for multi and broadband functional wireless devices continues to push forward in component development. WiFi 6E (IEEE 802.11 ax), an up-and-coming Tri-Band protocol allows operation that supports faster transmission speeds for various applications including gaming (VR/AR), audio, video. Johanson Technology is enabling multi-band wireless solutions with its expanded WiFi 6E IPC portfolio by adding a triple-band WiFi 6E internal chip antenna. In compliance with IEEE 802.11 ax, this cost-effective, miniature EIA 1206 (3216 Metric) SMD chip antenna operates at three bands: 2.4 through 2.5 GHz, 4.9 through 5.85 GHz, and 5.85 through 7.2 GHz. It offers a single feed point with radiation efficiencies reaching 85% and a corner PCB mount design.

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