Amphenol RF Expands its SMA to AMC Cable Assembly Series

Amphenol RF Expands its SMA to AMC Cable Assembly Series

Amphenol RF has announced the expansion of their popular SMA to AMC cable assembly series. The most recent additions to this line feature the durable straight SMA plug connector and the ultra-miniature right angle AMC connector on a 1.13 mm micro coax cable. These assemblies are ideal for IoT and antenna applications where there may be internal space constraints.

The SMA straight plug contact is engineered from brass with gold plating while the AMC right angle plug is constructed with PBT housing and a gold plated, phosphor bronze contact. The 1.13 mm micro coax cable is extremely flexible and allows this assembly to be used in tight spaces without any concerns about damaging the unit. The SMA to AMC cable assembly is available in standard lengths from 50 mm to 300 mm. Custom lengths are available upon request.

The SMA to AMC cable assembly features a small footprint and low profile and provides reliable electric performance up to 6 GHz. This 50 ohm assembly is compatible with the industry standard U.FL interface which allows for additional mating options. This assembly is ideal for wireless handheld devices and board-to-board applications connecting wireless radio modules to external antennas.

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