FreeWave Introduces a Purpose Built Low-Cost IIoT Solution Powered by Satellites

FreeWave Introduces a Purpose Built Low-Cost IIoT Solution Powered by Satellites

FreeWave's new Fusion Satellite powered by Swarm Technologies has developed a reliable IIoT connectivity powered by satellites. Enterprises with remote operations looking to benefit from IIoT, but without access to reliable connectivity options, have had no option but to rely on costly satellite providers with little IIoT experience. FreeWave Technologies, together with Swarm Technologies, is taking the cost out of that equation with Fusion Satellite, a purpose-built satellite solution specifically designed to meet IIoT requirements. Powered by innovative Swarm Tile satellite modems, Fusion Satellite makes it easy for enterprises to connect multiple devices and sensors in the field, access edge data, drive new operational efficiencies and improve asset management. To further advance the sensor to satellite applications FreeWave and Swarm's first commercial partner, ModuSense, have formed a joint venture to accelerate innovation in the marketplace.

FreeWave Technologies CEO Kirk Byles said that Fusion Satellite is a game-changer for remote operations in multiple markets from agriculture to maritime. Not only does this solution build on their dedicated IIoT technology and communications expertise, but it leverages Swarm's satellite technology, which costs 4 to 20 times less than legacy solutions and is simple to use, provides 100 percent global coverage and allows enterprises to connect devices anywhere in the world. The combination of FreeWave and ModuSense edge compute and sensing solutions powered by Swarm's satellite services, will accelerate their joint innovation and help customers create sensing and telemetry platforms that support their ongoing operational needs.

Fusion Satellite solves a real problem for enterprises that have remote assets generating critical data in the field or need reliable tracking capabilities in harsh environments or crossing large bodies of water. Visibility to these assets is crucial for decision making and powering the ability for companies to proactively mitigate business risk.

Swarm Technologies Co-Founder and CEO Sara Spangelo stated that Swarm has been focused on deploying affordable global connectivity in regions where it's needed most. Their uniquely small satellites allow us to provide the lowest-cost satellite connectivity to FreeWave, and their small, low-power hardware can be integrated into products like FreeWave's Fusion Satellite easily. With low prices, global coverage, and easy-to-use hardware, the new solution will help deliver maximum value across a range of industries and use cases.

Click here to learn more about Fusion Satellite and Swarm, as well as FreeWave's comprehensive portfolio of edge computing solutions.

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