Qorvo Introduces Band 42 Bandpass Filters to Support Global 5G Base Station Deployments

Qorvo Introduces Band 42 Bandpass Filters to Support Global 5G Base Station Deployments

Qorvo, a leading provider of innovative RF solutions that connect the world introduced two Bulk Acoustic Wave (BAW) filters to support the ongoing global deployment of 5G base stations. The new QPQ3500 and QPQ3501 filters offer base station OEMs pin-compatible, 5G filter solutions that deliver lower insertion loss and superior out-of-band rejection than similar products. Pin compatibility allows the use of commonly printed circuit boards that support different frequency bands, eliminating costly board redesign and reducing time to market.

The Qorvo QPQ3500 and QPQ3501 BAW filters support the growing global demand for higher frequency and greater bandwidth. The QPQ3500 (Band 42) supports China and Europe while the QPQ3501 (Bands 42 and 52) addresses 5G base station requirements in China and India. These innovative filters enable higher data capacity with 5G in densely populated urban areas and expanded coverage in rural or suburban areas. These new products build on the success of Qorvo's QPQ1298 2.6 GHz BAW filter for Band 41 applications.

Joe Madden, a Lead Analyst at Mobile Experts, said, "Scaling up acoustic filters for the high power of the base station market has been a challenge. This breakthrough allows small acoustic filters to replace the larger, more expensive filters currently used."

Roger Hall, Qorvo's general manager of High-Performance Solutions said, "Our customers can count on us to deliver the highest quality solutions in state-of-the-art BAW band-pass filters. Qorvo's technology, manufacturing scale, and global footprint combine to deliver unique benefits for base station OEMs designing for 5G Bands 42/52. Our portfolio will soon be expanding to support additional 5G frequencies."

The global deployment of 5G networks is driving demand for Qorvo's high-performance RF solutions, including GaN high-power amplifiers and GaAs front-end modules (FEMs). Qorvo's 5G portfolio offers the efficiency, reliability, and compact size needed for base station manufacturers and network operators to increase capacity and expand coverage. It also provides complete solutions for new 5G smartphones, including low-band, mid-high and ultra-high-band FEMs; transmit-receive modules; and antenna control solutions that enable innovative new designs, enhanced performance, and faster time to market.

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