Sinclair Introduces Power Monitoring System to Minimize Communications System Downtime

Sinclair Introduces Power Monitoring System to Minimize Communications System Downtime

Sinclair Technologies, a division of Norsat International and a provider of customizable land mobile radio communication solutions, has announced the launch of its new power monitoring system - the IntelliSENSE Series.

Sinclair's newest solution in the family, the IntelliSENSE series of power monitoring system, helps minimize communications system downtime and avoids unnecessary maintenance and repairs by proactively tracking the overall health and performance of commercial or public safety land mobile radio systems. It continuously measures and monitors critical system performance indicators, including channelized Tx forward and reflected power, insertion loss, and antenna VSWR, for up to 8 channels per controller. Additionally, it provides a web-based GUI with role-based access control for status monitoring, system configuration, and user management functions. The advanced spectrum analysis feature is extremely useful in identifying RF interference across the 70 MHz - 4 GHz spectrum. The system also triggers SNMP alarms to the network management system when it detects failures and anomalies in readings.

Key features of the IntelliSENSE series

  • high accuracy RF system performance monitoring
  • remote monitoring of the LMR RF system health
  • minimizes system downtime
  • be aware of a failure before customer complaints
  • planning of maintenance in advance
  • easy configuration with user-friendly GUI and SNMP support

"RF network reliability is critical to public safety and business-critical LMR systems. While many radio network performance monitoring solutions exist today, they often neglect the antenna subsystem - a core part of an RF system. Sinclair's new IntelliSENSE power monitoring system fills this gap by enabling proactive monitoring of vital antenna subsystem performance indicators and RF interference detection, which is key to ensuring system reliability and optimizing performance," stated Wee Er, General Manager of Sinclair.

The product is available for order starting December 2021, with the first shipments scheduled for Q1 2022.

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