BLiNQ Networks Unveils Dual Band Cognitive Radios with Patented Smart Antenna System

BLiNQ Networks Unveils Dual Band Cognitive Radios with Patented Smart Antenna System

BLiNQ Networks is all set to debut two new dual band base stations at Wispapalooza in Las Vegas on October 11, 2021. The Dual Band Base Station product line is empowered by cognitive radio technology, allowing the base stations to discover available CBRS and unlicensed channels in order to utilize the best available spectrum resources. The Dual Band cognitive radios can self-transition from CBRS to License Assisted Access (LAA) or LTE-U operation based on continuous real-time interference monitoring. The benefits of this innovative technology can now be leveraged through BLiNQ's FW-300i LAA and FW-600 LAA solutions. By ensuring continuous spectrum availability, these solutions help operators of public and private networks meet all the requirements of wireless broadband service without the need for expensive spectrum investment.

The Dual Band product line combines, by carrier aggregation, the lightly licensed 3.5 GHz CBRS band as the anchor with the unlicensed 5 GHz band as a capacity booster. This combination optimizes CBRS wireless spectrum resources while adding an additional 225 MHz of available spectrum. By utilizing carrier aggregation in the downlink, much higher peak data rates can be achieved, resulting in an overall better user experience.

BLiNQ Networks' unique integrated solution is built around a rich 4G/5G ecosystem, enhancing the LAA and LTE-U modes with a patented Smart Antenna System and intelligent scheduling. The FW-300i LAA is easy to deploy and future-proofs non-licensed spectrum holders. The FW-600 LAA offers additional capacity using intelligent beamforming and scales to very high user densities. All BLiNQ LTE base stations operate with any type of single band or dual band CPE that utilizes CBRS or LAA.

BLiNQ Networks' CTO, Radu Selea, sees the long-lasting benefits of this technology for Private LTE. "We achieved a great design for Private Networks by combining beamforming and dynamic spectrum utilization technologies. The combination of CBRS spectrum predictability and UNII bands spectrum abundance will enable robust broadband technology for private networks outside the licensed spectrum realm."

BLiNQ Networks' LAA solutions are scalable for any customer density, with performance meeting new bandwidth consumption patterns driven by remote working and evening program streaming services. Patrick Buthmann, VP of Sales and Business Development at BLiNQ, believes this is only the beginning. "BLiNQ continues to innovate and offer the most advanced and cost-effective platform for customers to achieve broadband speeds and reliability previously unseen in the industry."

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