Anritsu Introduces Entry Level Test Station for Cost-efficient 5G IoT UE Verification

Anritsu Introduces Entry Level Test Station for Cost-efficient 5G IoT UE Verification

Anritsu Corporation has introduced the MT8000A, an Entry Level 5G Radio Communication Test Station, a single-instrument solution that supports multiple Radio Access Technologies (RATs) of LTE thru 5G NR including wide and narrow band IoT. The 5G Entry Model is the only solution in its class that can perform LTE, NR FR1 Sub-6 GHz and FR2 millimeter wave (mmWave) measurements, creating a cost-efficient solution for mobile device developers, repair facilities, and test laboratories.

As the number of wireless device channels and use cases continue to increase, critical testing across numerous test combinations can be performed in a much lower timeframe with the high-speed performance of the MT8000A 5G Entry Model. The introduction of the MT8000A 5G Entry Model supports the market need to provide stable and reliable wireless evaluation functions of advanced smart IoT devices at low cost.

The MT8000A 5G Entry Model is the only test instrument in its class that has a simple upgrade path from low-, mid- and high-range capability when advanced test functionalities are needed. The ease and affordability of enhancement creates a very scalable and configurable solution that lowers total cost of ownership.

Overview  of the MT8000A

The Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A is an all-in-one 5G device test platform that supports RF and protocol testing, functional and application testing, beam characteristic validation, and more. It supports non-standalone (NSA) and standalone (SA) mode base station emulation functions for development of 4G and 5G chipsets and devices, as well as mobile services frequency ranges FR1 and FR2. The MT8000A is widely used for performance evaluation of IoT NB, CATM and LTE, NR devices in conducted and OTA (Over the Air) measurements.

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