MwT Introduces AlGaAs/InGaAs-Based MESFET and pHEMT Discrete Devices for Wireless Applications

MwT Introduces AlGaAs/InGaAs-Based MESFET and pHEMT Discrete Devices for Wireless Applications

MicroWave Technology (MwT) has introduced three new families of advanced 0.25um AlGaAs/InGaAs based discrete devices for a wide range military microwave and commercial wireless applications.

The first family of the new devices includes six high linearity GaAs devices, MwT-1F, MwT-3F, MwT-5F, MwT-7F, MwT-9F, and MwT-11F, which replace the corresponding legacy MwT linear MESFETs with the same/similar die geometries and bonding diagrams. Their linear power levels, P1dB, range from 21 dBm and 30 dBm with ample gain for application up to 26 GHz. These devices have outstanding linearity performance, such as IP3 and EVM, and thus are suitable for applications that demand high linearities.

The second family of the new discrete devices includes seven pHEMT devices: MwT-PH3F, MwT-PH4F, MwT-PH7F, MwT-PH8F, MwT-PH9F, MwT-PH11F, and MwT-PH15F, which replace the corresponding legacy MwT pHEMT devices. These new pHEMT devices have excellent gain, power, and power added efficiency (PAE) and can be used for a wide range of applications up to 30 GHz.

The last group of new pHEMT devices includes seven devices from MwT-PH27F through MwT-PH33F, which may substitute similar pHEMT devices on the market by other discrete pHEMT device suppliers.

All the new devices are available as dies. They have excellent reliability with MTBF values better than 1x108 hours at 150 Degrees C channel temperature. The excellent reliability, robustness, and superior visual quality make these devices good candidates for various commercial, military, and hi-rel applications. The S-parameters of the devices are included in the datasheet. MwT will soon add large-signal matching impedances across the useful frequency ranges into the datasheets making it easier to use these devices for various applications.

MwT develops, manufactures and markets GaAs and GaN based microwave amplifiers, MMICs, discrete devices for wireless communication, military, hi rel/space and medical equipment applications. They also offer custom-designed device services to replace components that customers have been using for better price-performance values. MwT have been a key player in high quality GaAs based high linearity MESFETs and high-efficiency pHEMTs in the past few decades. Contact MwT Sales for samples and information regarding the new devices and custom designed device service.

Click here to view the AlGaAs/InGaAs based discrete devices from MwT.

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