Northrop Grumman Establishes New Microelectronics Packaging Facility in Florida

Northrop Grumman Establishes New Microelectronics Packaging Facility in Florida

Northrop Grumman Corporation’s continued investment in the future of defense microelectronics systems takes another leap forward with the creation of its “Micro-Line” (μ-Line) in Apopka, Florida. The company’s new μ-Line establishes a wafer post-processing and test source tailored for defense applications.

The μ-Line facility for semiconductor wafer post-processing provides Northrop Grumman with an assured source for the development and production of critical microelectronics packaging technologies. Products processed at the μ-Line will serve as essential building blocks to some of the world’s most advanced radio frequency (RF) and electro-optic infrared (EO/IR) defense systems.

“The systems that Northrop Grumman builds need increasingly higher levels of device integration to meet customer performance, reliability and affordability requirements, no matter the domain and conditions where it will be used,” said Scott Crudele, vice president, navigation targeting and survivability operations, Northrop Grumman. “By establishing this new line we can provide our customers with a trusted packaging source to meet our quality specifications.”

The μ-Line offers a complete suite of back-end wafer post-processing capabilities, including passivation, solder bumping, dicing, advanced inspection and test for up to 300 mm (12 inches) wafers. These capabilities are tailored to meet the stability, quality and security required by Northrop Grumman’s customers. Semiconductors post-processed at the μ-Line will support both current and future Northrop Grumman programs leveraging advanced packaging.

The μ-Line packaging facility joins Northrop Grumman semiconductor foundries in Baltimore, Maryland and Redondo Beach, California, as examples of the company’s investment in trusted microelectronics production.

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