US Air Force Selects Electronic Warfare Jamming Solution that Operates at Ranges Exceeding 35km

US Air Force Selects Electronic Warfare Jamming Solution that Operates at Ranges Exceeding 35km

Black Sage's multi-mission Goshawk™ Long Range EW Jammer successfully passed an initial evaluation conducted in collaboration with the United States Air Force. In this case, Black Sage's Goshawk™ Long Range Jammer and DefenseOS® command and control software is an integrated system providing enhanced degraded GPS training for United States Air Force pilots.

The enemy's ability to deny or degrade the United States Air Force's GPS instrumentation presents risks to mission execution. For this reason, the capacity to operate in GPS degraded environments represents an essential element in USAF pilot training.

The Goshawk Long Range EW Jammer is a directional non-kinetic effector. The system has the capability to disrupt GNSS signals for enemy military aircraft and UAS Groups 1-5. This capability means the Goshawk Long Range EW Jammer is ideal for the United States Air Force's degraded GPS training.

"Black Sage's C-UAS system, featuring the Goshawk Long Range Jammer, is an ideal fit to deliver a degraded GPS training system for the United States Air Force," said Trent Morrow, Black Sage's Chief Strategy Officer. "The system will significantly decrease the USAF's required cost and advance notice to schedule GPS degraded training."

The United States Air Force's current degraded GPS training systems operate with GPS jammers focused on a fixed zone. Aircraft are required to fly through the zone to experience GPS signal denial or degradation.

During an initial United States Air Force evaluation of Goshawk, the system delivered directional EW jamming beyond 35km. The promising results offer the United States Air Force the capability to increase the amount of time military aircraft experience GPS signal denial or degradation while reducing collateral effects on civilian use of GPS instrumentation, including commercial and private aircraft.

The United States Air Force and other branches of the US military conduct degraded GPS training exercises at military facilities and testing areas across the United States. These training exercises may cover several states at one time.

While the Federal Aviation Administration releases advisory notices regarding the scheduling of the US military's degraded GPS training exercises, both commercial airlines and the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association are concerned with the risk posed to non-military aircraft. Black Sage's degraded GPS training system offers the potential to mitigate or eliminate these concerns.

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