CPI TMD Technologies to Supply Microwave Power Modules for the US Military

CPI TMD Technologies to Supply Microwave Power Modules for the US Military

Following the recent award of a major contract for the supply of its travelling wave tube amplifiers (TWTAs), the TMD Technologies Division of Communications & Power Industries (CPI), has now successfully negotiated a key contract for the supply of a derivative of its well-proven microwave power modules (MPMs). The MPMs will be engineered to stringent customized specifications for a prime contractor to the U.S. military and tailored for use in a military airborne platform environment.

Said Mike Farley, vice president of CPI TMD Technologies Division: “Valued at over $2 million, this contract is the first phase of a tailored MPM development program that will provide a key solution for multiple airborne platforms. Combining the challenging requirements of the world’s leading communications data link provider with CPI TMD Technologies expertise in Microwave Power Module development equates to an exciting time for our company and world-class products for our strategic customers.”

“The TMD Technologies Division has unsurpassed expertise in the design and manufacture of MPMs – many of them custom models – and this capability is only be strengthened by the broad support we now have from the broader CPI design and manufacturing group since our acquisition earlier this year. We anticipate that this latest order will be the first of many for CPI MPMs utilizing CPI TWTs.”

TMD Technologies Limited (TMD – now part of Communications & Power Industries LLC (CPI)) - a leading West London-based manufacturer in the microwave and radio frequency (RF) field, will be showing a representative selection from its portfolio of cutting-edge products for defense and homeland security systems. Key products are PTS10147 solid-state power amplifier (SSPA) for EW and radar, and the PTXM2000 microwave power module (MPM) for high-performance radar and ECM systems.

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