ADRF and Anterix Collaborate to Accelerate Private LTE Solutions for the Utility Sector

ADRF and Anterix Collaborate to Accelerate Private LTE Solutions for the Utility Sector

Advanced RF Technologies, the largest pure-play in-building Distributed Antenna System (DAS) provider for public safety and commercial radio frequencies, has announced that it has joined the Anterix Active Ecosystem Program to help expand the landscape of 900 MHz LTE solutions and services for the U.S electric grid. ADRF will initially be collaborating with Anterix with its flagship ADXV DAS for in-building wireless connectivity.

Anterix is the largest holder of licensed spectrum in the 900 MHz band (896-901/935-940 MHz) throughout the contiguous United States, plus Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico, and is uniquely positioned to enable the private LTE solutions that support secure, resilient and customer-controlled operations. The Anterix Active Ecosystem Program brings together technology innovators to support Anterix customers deploying and operating 900 MHz private LTE networks. Members will share technical insights and collaborate to support the utility sector with 900 MHz private LTE solutions.

"We're looking forward to working with Anterix to accelerate the deployment and application of in-building wireless solutions for utility, oil refiner, and railroad infrastructure providers that deploy private LTE at 900 MHz," said Julie Song, CEO of Advanced RF Technologies, Inc. "Broadband performance is limited in challenging radio frequency environments with high noise and significant obstructions, which are typical in many industrial facilities. Joining the Anterix Active Ecosystem Program allows ADRF to help address these issues by providing reliable and flexible in-building wireless solutions that lower the total cost of ownership."

The ADXV DAS has been deployed in many high-profile venues including the Bellagio Hotel & Casino, Raytheon Missile Systems' global headquarters, and all of Memorial Sloan Kettering's key facilities.

"ADRF with its powerful ADXV products is an important addition to the Anterix Active Ecosystem Program," said Carlos L'Abbate, Anterix's Chief Technology Officer. "Our utility customers can benefit from this DAS solution which aims to extend the reach of robust LTE connectivity over Anterix 900 MHz spectrum."  

ADRF's ADXV DAS 900 MHz solution has been recognized by the Anterix Active Ecosystem Program with the Anterix Active badge – a recognition provided to devices and solutions reviewed by Anterix to be commercial-ready to support 900 MHz private networks.

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