Knowles Introduces Ultra-Low Loss Blocking Capacitors for High-Data-Rate Applications

Knowles Introduces Ultra-Low Loss Blocking Capacitors for High-Data-Rate Applications

Knowles Precision Devices has introduced Milli-Cap ultra-low loss broadband blocking capacitors. These surface-mount capacitors are ideal for use in high-data-rate applications, such as optical communications, where a coupling capacitor needs to provide a near reflectionless transition at the frequency the line is seeing.

Many circuits in broadband applications require the coupling of RF signals, which can be a complicated process since it involves removing the DC component to allow only the high-frequency AC component to pass or bypass. Removing the AC component from a DC line is done by placing a coupling capacitor in series with the path the signal takes.

Milli-Cap’s voltage rating is the highest in the market while at the same time, offering the lowest insertion loss. Milli-Cap is also on the leading edge in terms of the frequencies supported in a single-piece construction. While competitors only support up to 40 GHz, Milli-Cap can perform reliably at up to 50 GHz.

This insertion loss plot shows Milli-Cap operating reliably up to 50 GHz. 

Increased Flexibility for Broadband Applications with Milli-Cap

From different size offerings and a variety of material construction options to standard features that make Milli-Cap easy to install, this blocking capacitor offers immense flexibility for broadband applications. First, Milli-Cap has three size options, which is the most options available for a high-performance SMT blocking capacitor.

This chart shows the dimensions of the three different Milli-Cap capacitor offerings.

To add to the flexibility and number of applications Milli-Cap can serve, capacitors at each of these sizes can be constructed using a variety of dielectric materials depending on the temperature needs of the application. Knowles offers Milli-Cap solutions constructed with Class I or Class II dielectrics depending on the temperature performance required. Milli-Cap is also orientation insensitive, which means there is no wrong way to attach it to your assembly. Additionally, it can be attached to a soft or hard substrate using a conductive epoxy or solder.

High-data-rate optical communications will only continue to operate at higher frequencies and broader bandwidths in the future. Therefore, its best to be prepared today by learning how Milli-Cap, the industry-leading ultra-low loss DC blocking cap, can help your applications succeed.

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