Simple and Affordable 5G mmWave Developer Kit for Education and Research Applications

Simple and Affordable 5G mmWave Developer Kit for Education and Research Applications

TMYTEK introduced the 5G mmWave Developer Kit, a comprehensive package that includes signal source, array antenna, beamformer, amplifier, power detector, and RF cables. The kit is a simple and affordable solution useful for education and research applications and will help verify designs, develop and demonstrate protocol & beam management algorithms.

The 5G mmWave Developer Kit is part of the B series, next in line to BBox One and BBox Lite. It includes the BBoard which has four RF channels and API/GUI software control enabled through an Ethernet interface. By adjusting phase and gain of each RF channel directly on TMYTEK's GUI and observing the result on instrumentation, students can transform theoretical knowledge into valuable practical know-how.

The software can be used to control phase shifters, power amplifiers, and LNAs in the four independent RF channels. The 5G mmWave Developer Kit has an accessory - the AA Kit (Array Antenna Kit) - for students and engineers to obtain more insights about beamforming. It turns the BBoard into a full-fledged phased array antenna and mimics the antenna used in UE. This also helps university professors save time and effort in courseware preparation related to electronics and communication engineering.

Applications of the 5G mmWave Developer Kit

  • Courseware preparation for educators
  • Antenna and communication prototyping

With massive deployment of 5G network expected to happen by 2025, it becomes a useful tool for antenna design and algorithm validation. The 5G mmWave Developer Kit is a well-designed courseware that is perfect for teaching students the principles of the phased array, beamforming, constructive/destructive interference, beam steering, and more.

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