Quectel and Point One Navigation Develop a GNSS Module with Centimeter-level Accuracy

Quectel and Point One Navigation Develop a GNSS Module with Centimeter-level Accuracy

Quectel Wireless Solutions, a global supplier of IoT modules and antennas, and Point One Navigation, a leader in precision location technology, have announced the LG69T-AM, the latest addition to the LG69T GNSS Module Series. Point One's positioning engine powers the LG69T-AM and enables centimeter-level global accuracy by integrating augmented GNSS in an affordable yet easy to use module with open-source API.

The LG69T-AM GNSS module features STMicroelectronics' TeseoV positioning receiver platform with 80 tracking and 4 fast acquisition channels compatible with GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, QZSS and NAVIC. The LG69T-AM leverages Point One's RTK and SSR technology for centimeter-level accuracy and ultra-fast convergence time. It is designed for easy integration with minimal e-BOM modification and is well-suited for mass-market adoption without the need for an expensive external co-processor. Due to its small package size, lightweight, and excellent power consumption, it is ideal for applications such as micro-mobility and precision agriculture.

Embedded in the LG69T-AM is Point One's FusionEngine and its Polaris correction service client. Polaris is Point One's GNSS correction service that unlocks better than 10 cm absolute accuracy with a coast-to-coast footprint in the USA and coverage across Europe. It offers a variety of connectivity options including delivery over cellular and L-Band. The network is purpose-built for precision agriculture customers and includes advanced anti-jam, interference mitigation, end to end security and automatic integrity monitoring unmatched by any other provider. The LG69T-AM is also compatible with standards-based corrections services as well.

Mark Murray, Vice President of Sales for GNSS and Automotive at Quectel Wireless Solutions said that Quectel is excited to be working with Point One Navigation to deliver high performance and easy-to-use precision GNSS solutions. The LG69T-AM, together with Point One's FusionEngine and Polaris, brings a truly game-changing solution to the market.

Aaron Nathan, CEO and Co-founder at Point One Navigation stated that Point One's full suite of offerings enables precise location for anything in the real world that moves. They are thrilled to be working with Quectel and leveraging their deep experience in module design, support and integration. This joint offering will enable safer and more effective robotic systems for truly mass-market applications.

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