EuMW 2021 to Host Defense, Security, and Space Forum to Discuss RF Sensing from Space

EuMW 2021 to Host Defense, Security, and Space Forum to Discuss RF Sensing from Space

The European Microwave Week 2021 is all set to host the Defense, Security, and Space Forum in London, UK on 16th February 2022. The purpose of this year’s Defence, Security and Space Forum is to encapsulate the current state of the art in spaceborne RF sensing and to discuss its key technical enablers as well as the challenges it faces moving forward. World-renowned experts from aerospace primes, SMEs’, space agencies and government across Europe will present their work on this exciting topic, from new concepts and RF technologies to established systems currently in operation, with an emphasis on technological aspects that impact civilian and military applications.

RF sensing from spaceborne systems is undergoing a revolution. Leveraging the vast legacy of orbital RF sensors, and powered by the latest advances in RF and satellite technologies, next-generation missions, from radar satellites to spaceborne radiometers, are rapidly emerging.

Around the world, there are innovative and new systems in operation, development or concept design stages, some of which involve large-scale radar satellite constellations for the first time ever. Driven by current and future user demands in remote sensing, security and defence, they are pushing the limits of the possible in terms of the fidelity of their sensing outputs, the rate with which these outputs are provided, and their RF sensing instrumentation that enables it, all while the size of spaceborne platforms themselves are reducing.

Registration and Programme Updates

The registration fee is £20 for those who registered for a conference and £60 for those not registered for a conference.

The Program Schedule:

09:00 – 10:40- EuRAD Opening

10:40 – 11:20- Coffee Break

11:20 – 13:00- RF Sensing from Space: Modern Trends and Challenges

Moderators: Chris Baker and Michail Antoniou

Four renowned experts will discuss various topics on RF sensing from space.

13.00 – 14.20- Lunch

14.20 – 16.00- Microwave Journal Industry Panel Session

The Microwave Journal Industry Session will feature technological innovations that the industry is developing for RF Sensing from Space related topics.

  • Towards a Quantum Advantage in Radar,” Fabian Kronowetter, Junior Development Engineer technology, Rohde & Schwartz
  • Technology Advancements Enable Next-Generation SATCOM and Space-Based RADAR,” Mike Jones, System Platform Manager and Brad Hall, System Applications Manager, Aerospace and Defense, Analog Devices
  • How GaN Technology is Transforming SATCOM RF Architectures,” Speaker from Qorvo.

16:00 – 16:40- Coffee Break

16:40 – 18:20- Round table discussion

Moderators: Chris Baker and Michail Antoniou Panelists: David Blacknell (DSTL), Sam Doody (Airbus Defence and Space UK), Alberto Moreira (DLR), Darren Muff (ICEYE)

Worldwide experts are invited to this Table to discuss the trends, potential, and challenges for new spaceborne RF sensing concepts. Key discussion points include, but are not limited to:

  • What are the end-user needs (civilian and military) driving innovation in spaceborne RF sensing?
  • What are the key technologies that enable it and what new capabilities do they introduce?
  • What are the barriers to the adoption and integration of these technologies?
  • How can these barriers be overcome?
  • What is the role of research in helping to overcome them?

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