TestEquity Becomes an Authorized Distributor for Aim-TTi in North America

TestEquity Becomes an Authorized Distributor for Aim-TTi in North America

TestEquity is now an authorized distributor of Aim-TTi testing and measurement products throughout the North American market. Thurlby Thandar Instruments Ltd (Aim-TTi) is a U.K.-based electronic testing instrument manufacturer known for producing high-quality power supplies, function generators, and RF instruments. With its innovative product designs and manufacturing processes, Aim-TTi sets the standard for producing quality instruments at an affordable price.

As a producer of testing and measurement products in the U.K. since 1979, Aim-TTi consistently challenges itself to provide the best quality possible while remaining cost-effective. The company's tagline of "Measurably Better Value," exemplifies what Aim-TTi sets out to accomplish with its production strategies. The company is supported by a low cost of ownership with great reliability and factory support to offer high-quality instruments at competitive prices.

"Across the industries we serve, our customers depend on power supplies," said Scott Cave, Director of Product Management at TestEquity. " Aim-TTi is known for building some of the best equipment in the world."

As a distributor of testing and measurement instruments since 1971, TestEquity has built a solid reputation as the preferred provider of testing and measurement solutions in the United States. The distributor serves many industries including aerospace, defense, electronics, and medical industries, and will clearly improve accessibility to the entire Aim-TTi product line to engineers in North America.

In a mutually beneficial partnership, Aim-TTi will instantly see the impact of having its products distributed by a major supplier to the U.S. market, and TestEquity gains the advantage of adding even more high-quality testing and measurement instrumentation to its already vast product catalog. An array of Aim-TTi products are stocked and ready to be ordered from TestEquity's website immediately.

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