Pivotal Commware Publishes New Whitepaper on Bringing 5G mmWave Indoors

Pivotal Commware Publishes New Whitepaper on Bringing 5G mmWave Indoors

Pivotal Commware, a global provider of 5G mmWave smart infrastructure products, has released a commissioned report comparing two FWA indoor coverage strategies – WiFi only and Wi-Fi plus mmWave. Produced by analyst and consulting firm Senza Fili, “Why Stop at the Window? Bringing 5G mmWave Indoors”, discusses the complementarity of Wi-Fi and mmWave and explores how indoor mmWave is a sustainable business case.

Senza Fili, the Founder and wireless expert Monica Paolini note that mmWave can be a powerful differentiator for the service provider by increasing the value and stickiness of their service offering. For service providers, “adding mmWave to Wi-Fi in their 5G FWA service offering is a low-hanging fruit that benefits them and improves the subscriber experience,” says Senza Fili’s Principal Monica Paolini.

In the whitepaper, Paolini compares two scenarios — Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi + mmWave.  Pivotal’s indoor Echo 5G subscriber repeater would, for example, be incorporated in the Wi-Fi + mmWave scenario. The report describes use cases such as gaming and immersive communications that will increasingly rely on mmWave’s high throughput and low latency.

“This report shows that benefits of mmWave — speed, low latency and security — will resolve the COVID-accelerated broadband bottlenecks while preparing us for fast-approaching Metaverse experiences,” said Mersad Cavcic, VP of Product Management at Pivotal Commware.  “We think the all-indoor Echo 5G subscriber repeater has a very bright future.”

Click here to read the new whitepaper.

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