Raytheon BBN’s Josephson Parametric Amplifier Available for Purchase from Quantum Microwave

Raytheon BBN’s Josephson Parametric Amplifier Available for Purchase from Quantum Microwave

Raytheon BBN, a leader in quantum computing, and Quantum Microwave, a microwave and millimeter-wave component supplier and manufacturer, are working together to advance the commercialization of superconducting Quantum computers. Raytheon BBN has developed a Wide-Band Josephson Parametric Amplifier (WB-JPA) for quantum computing that can operate at millikelvin temperatures. Quantum Microwave has been appointed as the exclusive distributor for Raytheon BBN in the United States to help sell this product.

The WB-JPA is a Low-Noise Amplifier that has a tunable center frequency from 5 to 7 GHz and provides 20 dB of gain. It has a fast and high-fidelity qubit readout in the microwave domain with a noise temperature of 295 mK (at 6.8 GHz). The LNA has an instantaneous bandwidth of 300 MHz and can be tuned with an on-chip bias line. It uses state-of-the-art superconducting fabrication and can be operated in either four-wave mixing or three-wave mixing with an external bias tee. The amplifier has a simple tune-up and low insertion loss for easy integration with qubit experiments. It is available as a die that measures 4 x 4 mm and has an aluminum cryo-package with 2.92 mm (K) connectors.

The WB-JPA is believed to be the first commercially available wideband, Josephson Junction Parametric Amplifier in the industry. The WB-JPA is available with a delivery time of 6-8 weeks on order. 

Raytheon BBN develops a broad range of enabling technology for quantum computing applications using its state-of-the-art superconducting fabrication. Other products in development include traveling-wave parametric amplifiers, superconducting passive components and other microwave devices.

Quantum Microwave is also the authorized distributor for Low Noise Factory, a manufacturer of cryogenic components that are also used in quantum computing. Raytheon BBN's offerings are complimentary within Quantum’s current portfolio which positions the company well to cater to the Quantum computing industry.

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