Eurofins E&E Using Keysight 5G Test Tools for 5G Device Validation Services

Eurofins E&E Using Keysight 5G Test Tools for 5G Device Validation Services

Keysight Technologies has announced that the company’s 5G test tools have been selected by Eurofins Electrical & Electronics (E&E) Taiwan to address the 5G device conformance validation and regulatory market.

Eurofins E&E is dedicated to contributing to safer and healthier lives with innovative and high-quality laboratory, research and advisory services. Eurofins E&E Taiwan has selected Keysight’s 5G test tools, based on software-driven signal analysis and network emulation platforms, to expand the test laboratory’s 5G device validation services in Taiwan.

Eurofins E&E Taiwan is a leading test lab that serves global markets with a broad range of validation requirements,” said Cao Peng, Vice President and General Manager for Keysight’s wireless test group. “We’re pleased to support Eurofins E&E Taiwan with integrated 5G test tools, based on common software and hardware platforms, that address a wide range of validation scenarios across any 3GPP-defined frequency band.”

Eurofins E&E Taiwan is using several Keysight 5G test tools, including:

Keysight combines the company’s network emulation solution with a CATR chamber to create a 5G mmWave OTA test system. Eurofins E&E uses this system to address validation needs of leading 5G device manufacturers that aim to introduce products to the US market. As the first test vendor to gain authorization for a 5G OTA test system covering FR2 spectrum from CTIA, an organization that represents the US wireless communications industry and companies throughout the mobile ecosystem, Keysight is enabling Eurofins E&E Taiwan to capture early market opportunities.

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