SAF Tehnika Introduces Portable Handheld Microwave Spectrum Analyzer from 16 to 26.5 GHz

SAF Tehnika Introduces Portable Handheld Microwave Spectrum Analyzer from 16 to 26.5 GHz

SAF Tehnika has expanded its Spectrum Compact family of ultra-portable handheld microwave spectrum analyzers. It now provides overlaps of the frequency ranges for each of the Spectrum Compact V2 models. The new model supports 16-26.5 GHz and delivers best-in-class price/performance with improved features, high durability, and an affordable price. The new Spectrum Compact finishes the line of Spectrum Compact V2 replacing Spectrum Compact V1 17-24 GHz tool.

Key features of J0SSAP53:

  • The spectrum analyzer supports a frequency range from 16 to 26.5 GHz.
  • It has ten times better frequency resolution sharpened up to 0.1 MHz.
  • The analyzer offers twice as fast sweep time at minimal span and a switchable RBW.
  • It is designed in a rugged, ultra-compact form factor that measures only 135 x 83 x 34 (mm)/ 5.31 x 3.27 x 1.34 (inches) and weighs 0.57 kg/20.11 oz.
  • The new application programming interface has been expanded with continuous measurement commands, allowing to seamlessly integration Spectrum Compact into the systems which is needed to perform measurements over long periods. 
  • The analyzer consists of a built-in attenuator and the option to record time plots to the new version of the Spectrum Compact.

Like all Spectrum Compact models, the 16-26.5 GHz handheld spectrum analyzer has a resistive touchscreen for operation with gloves, high contrast, and full display modes for easy readability in bright light environments. It has durable thumbscrews for the waveguide adapter connections that help it to withstand harsh environments. The analyzer can save spectrum traces and has 8 GB of memory for offline analysis, investigation, and reporting using the Spectrum Manager PC software.

The analyzer is ideal for mobile operators, carriers, and tower installation crews deploying 5G networks, Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPs), local government institutions, public safety departments, and critical network infrastructure owners. Field engineers and technicians can use the ultra-portable handheld microwave spectrum analyzers to:

  • Conduct site survey
  • Radio parameter verification
  • Antenna alignment
  • Interference detection
  • Line-of-sight verification
  • Indoor signal mapping

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