3D Glass, the Leading Glass-based 3D Passive RF Device Manufacturer Raises $4 Million in Funding

3D Glass, the Leading Glass-based 3D Passive RF Device Manufacturer Raises $4 Million in Funding

3D Glass Solutions, a leading innovator of glass-based three-dimensional passive radio frequency (RF) devices, has raised an additional $4 million in an extended Series B1 funding round. 3DGS welcomed new investor Menlo Microsystems, as well as follow-on investments from both Corning Incorporated and Sun Mountain Capital, bringing the total Series B1 to raise to $24 million.

Mark Popovich, CEO and president of 3DGS said that the Series B1 round extension highlights the enthusiasm of both existing and new investors in 3DGS technology and growth initiatives.

The extended Series B1 round comes on the heels of 3DGS securing a licensing agreement with Corning for process and know-how related to forming through glass vias (TGV) in Corning HPFS Fused Silica, as well as a corresponding long term supply agreement for glass wafers. The addition of this technology complements 3DGS’ existing portfolio and provides entry into adjacent market areas. The initial use of the technology will be for the supply of components to Menlo Microsystems for its Ideal Switch, under a long-term supply agreement between 3DGS and Menlo Microsystems.

David Velasquez, vice president and general manager at Corning Advanced Optics said that Corning continues to believe in the versatility and benefits of through glass vias, or TGV, technology that will support the progression of glass use in the semiconductor industry, enabling the industry to facilitate innovative solutions supporting Moore’s Law. They are looking forward to furthering their long-term partnership with 3DGS and its novel product and process capability that will advance this unique technology.

Russ Garcia, CEO of Menlo Micro mentioned that they are excited to strengthen their partnership with 3DGS and it underscores the importance of their longstanding strategic relationship in driving their Ideal Switch technology into many different segments. As they continue to advance the most important electronic component since the transistor, the synergies between Menlo and 3DGS are growing. The development of glass processing and advanced glass packaging has become a critical element of the semiconductor supply chain, and they look forward to working together to bring exciting new products to the market in the years ahead.

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