Becker RF Introduces 1 W Ultra-Wideband Linear Amplifier from 10 MHz to 18 GHz

Becker RF Introduces 1 W Ultra-Wideband Linear Amplifier from 10 MHz to 18 GHz

Becker Nachrichtentechnik has developed the AMP101800030, an ultra-wideband RF amplifier that operates from 10 MHz to 18 GHz and is available in three different form factors. A slim aluminum module that offers maximum flexibility for customer applications. A tabletop device (AMP101800030-T) for laboratory workplaces and a 19” 1U device (AMP101800030-R) that is compatible with common 19” industry rack systems for integration in the industrial environment.

The AMP101800030 delivers a saturated output power of 31 dBm (~1 W) with a gain of more than 19 dB. It is characterized by its high linearity over its ultra-wide bandwidth. The AMP101800030 has an LED indicator that indicates the presence of DC power and the module status. The health status of the module can also be queried by floating relay contacts for remote operation. 

The amplifier has a robust electric and mechanic design that provides consistent operation over a long time. It has internal filters and low noise voltage supplies that guarantee high suppression of spurious signals. The amplifier requires a DC supply of 24 V and consumes less than 1 A of current. It includes protection against reverse polarity to avoid damages during installation. An internal self-test function monitors current consumption and module temperature.

Key applications include Instrumentation and measurement, broadband communications, military and aerospace, software radio and R&D.

Key Specifications:

  • Form Factor:
  • Frequency Range: 10-18,000 MHz
  • Gain: 25 dB typ.
  • OIP3: +37 dBm typ.
  • Saturation Power: +30 dBm typ.
  • Impedance (Zin / Zout): 50 Ohms

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Publisher: everything RF