ULTRA Introduces Compact, Lightweight, and Rapid Deploy Integrated Satellite Terminal

ULTRA Introduces Compact, Lightweight, and Rapid Deploy Integrated Satellite Terminal

Ultra's FA-100 is a fully automated integrated satellite terminal providing the user with high capacity bandwidth in a simple to use simultaneous 3-axis motorized VSAT terminal. The all-carbon-fiber construction FA-100 terminal meets today’s most stringent Size, Weight, and Power (SWaP) requirements.

Ultra’s terminals are specially designed for use in high-pressure environments, where reliable access to secure communications is critical to protecting the safety of soldiers and assets as they carry out their missions.

Specifically designed for worldwide missions where mobility and rapid deployment are essential. The rugged FA-100 can be effortlessly deployed with a one-button operation that means the user can be on-air in minutes, in the harshest of environments, ensuring the operator has easy access to communications without impacting their ability to carry out their mission.

The terminal is designed to be modem agnostic, accommodating a range of integrated options including, but not limited to: iDirect e150mp, iDirect e850mp, iDirect 950mp, Comtech DMD1050, Paradise Q-Lite, Viasat CBM-100.

Users can also bypass or omit an internal modem and connect an external modem using the L-band interfaces. Constructed from high-strength carbon fiber, the FA-100 is lightweight and easily transportable whilst still maintaining its ability to withstand the rigors of multiple deployments in challenging environments. Requiring minimal in-field operational training, the terminal has been designed to deliver maximum connectivity without placing undue strain on operations, logistics, and users.

A number of packaging options are available depending upon customer requirements, and the terminal has the option to be placed into a ‘Stealth’ mode whereby the speed of acquisition is traded off with motor noise, thus making the terminal almost silent in operation, whilst still acquiring the satellite in minutes.

Key Features of the Antenna

  • Available in X, Ku & Ka bands
  • Embedded or external modem
  • Full auto acquired one-button operation
  • Robust carry case with backpack option
  • SkyNet certified
  • MIL-STD-810G compliant
  • AC or DC powered

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