Xiaoan Uses u-blox Technology to Enhance Positioning Performance of Shared Electric Bicycles

Xiaoan Uses u-blox Technology to Enhance Positioning Performance of Shared Electric Bicycles

u-blox, a global provider of positioning and wireless communication technologies and services, and Xiaoan Technology Co., Ltd., a developer of intelligent solutions for two-wheeled vehicles, have announced a partnership in the development of the AT-MX intelligent control system for shared electric bicycles.

AT-MX uses the latest ultra-low-power u-blox M10 GNSS technology to enhance the positioning performance of their fleet for improved compliance with increasingly stringent Chinese policy requirements.

The growing popularity of shared micro-mobility solutions for short-distance urban travel has led municipal authorities around the world to introduce new legislation to mitigate their perceived negative impacts, for instance, with restrictions on where users can drive and park their vehicles. Meanwhile, vehicle operators and maintenance personnel need to efficiently locate vehicles requiring maintenance and gather reliable vehicle usage data to balance bicycle placement and operational safety.

Enforcing regulatory compliance and optimizing operations both require the safe, accurate, and efficient bicycle positioning solutions that Xiaoan Technology has become well known for.

Five years of collaboration

AT-MX is the latest solution to come out of five years of close collaboration between u-blox and Xiaoan Technology. The intelligent central control system is an electronic control unit (ECU) specifically designed to improve the position accuracy of shared motorcycles and electric bicycles.

“After comparing the vast majority of positioning chips on the market, we concluded that the u-blox M10’s performance was the best in the industry,” says Aaron Liu, COO, Wuhan Xiaoan Technology. “Throughout our collaboration, u-blox extensively provided technical support and assistance from senior experts and testing solutions.”

“We’re excited to see Xiaoan Technology roll out the AT-MX with its built-in u-blox M10 GNSS chip. Long-term relationships such as the one we’ve had with Xiaoan Technology are essential to us at u-blox. By better understanding our customers’ pain points and needs, we can continuously improve our products,” says Bernd Heidtmann, Product Manager, Product Strategy for Standard Precision GNSS at u-blox.

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