Anokiwave Introduces Multi Band Silicon based mmWave 5G Beamformer ICs

Anokiwave Introduces Multi Band Silicon based mmWave 5G Beamformer ICs

Anokiwave, a leader in highly integrated, cost-effective silicon-based IC solutions for the millimeter-wave (mmW) and active antenna markets has introduced its 4th generation of high-efficiency multi-band silicon IC beamformer ICs as well as the industry’s first single-chip dual-channel IF up/down converter with fully integrated LO synthesizer. This new Gen-4 IC family enables greener, lower cost, and smaller form factor mmW 5G radios, for every 3GPP FR2 band.

Anokiwave recently announced the release of its Gen-4 mmW silicon ICs that offers a unique combination of the industry’s highest linear power and output efficiency devices. ICs in this family include the 24 to 30 GHz AWMF-0221, a quad-channel, dual-polarization beamforming IC, the AWMF-0210, a wideband IF up/down converter IC, and the AWMF-0224, a dual-channel IF transceiver IC. The IC family provides a complete mmW to IF signal chain solution for n257, n258, and n261 frequency bands (24 – 30 GHz) while meeting all 3GPP specs, supporting high signal and 5G NR modulation bandwidths as well as 802.11ac/802.11ax waveforms for private wireless networks.

The new ICs offer a wide range of benefits to the 5G OEMs and network operators:

  • Multiple 5G bands - n258 and n257/n261 – covered in a single IC to reduce the number of radio SKUs
  • A new IF transceiver IC with two (2) channels of IF up/down converters, integrated and selectable frequency multiplier, and an on-chip fully integrated LO synthesizer offering significant cost savings to client-side applications
  • Just two (2) IC types to completely build the entire mmW to IF 5G antenna front end
  • Advanced digital and telemetry functions for array level optimization and DC power controls
  • Kinetic Green for dynamic array and attenuator controls, which lower the array’s energy consumption
  • Patented ZERO-CAL function that eliminates the need for array level calibration, thereby greatly increasing manufacturing line-yields of 5G radios and reducing overall radio cost
  • Patented Fast Beam Steering for fast antenna beam directional change and 3GPP compliance

Anokiwave is dedicated to enabling the success of OEMs in the mmWave 5G market with key innovations that provide critical market solutions,” said Robert S Donahue, Anokiwave CEO. “We understand that an effective mmWave 5G network requires the right combination of innovation and cost-effectiveness. That’s why we will continue to be a reliable partner in delivering innovative and visionary advanced 5G technologies that meet the industry’s growing demands, providing integrated, lower-cost solutions with increased performance capabilities.”

Anokiwave is expected to release devices for additional mmW frequency bands covering as high as 48 GHz later this year.

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