BAE Systems Launches Advanced, Platform-agnostic Electronic Warfare Electronic Warfare Modules

BAE Systems Launches Advanced, Platform-agnostic Electronic Warfare Electronic Warfare Modules

BAE Systems has launched the versatile Storm EWTM Modules designed to provide customized, state-of-the-art offensive and defense electronic warfare (EW) mission systems for combat platforms for the broader U.S. and allied fleets. Storm EW Modules use a proven common core architecture to accelerate the delivery of software-based EW capabilities, providing warfighters with situational awareness, survivability, and electromagnetic capabilities needed for today’s complex missions.

Storm EW Modules are high-performance EW building blocks that leverage mature technology from today’s most advanced EW systems. The scalable design of Storm EW Modules provides a trusted hardware baseline that can be customized and integrated into multiple airborne platforms, including fixed- and rotary-wing aircraft, unmanned aerial vehicles, and guided missiles.

“Our warfighters need a revolutionary approach to EW to maintain electromagnetic spectrum superiority and freedom of maneuverability in signal-dense environments,” said Dr. Jerry Wohletz, vice president and general manager of Electronic Combat Solutions at BAE Systems. “Storm EW Modules provide the technical dominance and rapid software reprogramming to counter quickly evolving threats.”

Using BAE Systems’ optimized design, production, and sustainment processes to deliver mature EW capabilities to warfighters faster, Storm EW Modules will reduce engineering and lifecycle costs for U.S. and allied forces. By leveraging foundational hardware derived from advanced, combat-proven technology, BAE Systems is helping the U.S. Department of Defense capitalize on key investments in design, production capacity, and a global support network to more rapidly drive critical mission capabilities to warfighters.

Storm EW Modules deliver on the Department of Defense’s (DoD) vision for a scalable and adaptable EW solution that permits third-party software and programming that is also exportable and affordable. BAE Systems worked closely with its partners and the DoD to create a common architecture with shared components and configurable blocks that address a broad set of requirements, streamline the build process, and lower lifecycle costs.

BAE Systems has a deep understanding of the electromagnetic threat environment, strong digital engineering and agile software development skills, state-of-the-art manufacturing, and a global support network to accelerate the delivery of modern EW systems to the field.

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