Doosan Develops 5G Antenna Modules in Partnership with Movandi

Doosan Develops 5G Antenna Modules in Partnership with Movandi

Doosan Corporation is advancing into the 5G antenna module business in partnership with Movandi Corporation. Movandi has delivered an initial order of 5G mmWave 28 GHz beamforming antenna modules from FRTek, a telecommunication smart repeater manufacturing company. The modules are a core part of 5G wireless repeaters based on Movandi’s BeamX beamforming antenna technology. They offer integrated solutions loaded with such functions as signal transmission and reception and frequency conversion. They can not only respond to the 28 GHz frequency band (26.5-28.9 GHz) used by all Korean wireless carriers, but they are also applicable to overseas communications markets such as the United States and Japan.
Beamforming is a technology to transmit and receive strong signals in a certain direction after forming an antenna beam in that direction.

Movandi is a leader in 5G millimeter-wave (mmWave) radio frequency semiconductor technologies and algorithms. It showcased 5G Beamforming technology at CES 2022 in Las Vegas in January. The technology minimizes signal interference between users and transmits 5G signals in an intended direction, thus raising the quality of communication remarkably.

Doosan is expanding its business to the high value-added field of copper clad laminate (CCL) which is diversely applicable to mobile, semiconductors, networks, automotive electronic devices, and 5G/6G telecommunications. Doosan secured the exclusive right to manufacture and sell 5G antenna modules from Movandi last year. Doosan has since been setting up lines at its factory in Iksan, North Jeolla Province, to produce 5G antenna modules.

“Needs for 5G are growing fast along with related markets as data traffic is increasing worldwide. We have a greater expectation of this business partnership, given that 5G communication infrastructures are being developed briskly especially abroad,” said Yoo Seung-woo, CEO of Doosan Corporation Electro-Materials, a business group of Doosan. He added that the company will continuously seize 5G-related business opportunities starting with 5G antenna modules.

Meanwhile, Doosan Corporation is developing 26GHz and 39GHz antenna modules jointly with Movandi RF semiconductor and antenna technologies. It plans to roll them out within this year. This is a move to advance into overseas markets such as China, Europe, and the United States and expand its overseas business. Besides, Doosan is pushing to increase its R&D manpower and facilities to accelerate its business. It seeks to expand its business areas to mmWave-based specialized network IoT terminals and wireless connection network radio modules. Doosan Corporation is scheduled to display its 5G antenna modules at DesignCon 2022 in Santa Clara, CA, in April.

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