MMW-STUDIO Software Enables Power Control and Measurement at mmWave Frequencies

MMW-STUDIO Software Enables Power Control and Measurement at mmWave Frequencies

Vertigo Technologies has developed the MMW-STUDIO, a cost-effective software that helps users get the best from their millimeter wave measurements. The software suite is designed to work with a 4-port VNA using waveguide extender modules and add accurate and repeatable high-resolution power control. The software enables the direct measurement of vector corrected power at the DUT reference plane, as well as control over the power delivered to the DUT. Doing so allows engineers to perform gain compression power sweep measurements over the available level of powers, and to perform S-parameter measurements at any arbitrary power level.

Generally, when measuring S-parameters at millimeter-wave using extenders, controlling the power is not possible without using very expensive test-sets. MMW-STUDIO allows controlling the measurement power of DUT test ports during millimeter wave measurements.

All that is required is the equipment you already have, a computer and MMW-STUDIO to control the power delivered to a DUT, that can constantly measure it without any time overload. MMW-STUDIO supports all available extenders (contact Vertigo Technologies to know if your VNA and power meter are supported).

MMW-STUDIO guides users through a special calibration procedure, with a user-friendly interface. Once the system is calibrated, users will be able to always control the measurement power and measure it at the same speed as conventional VNA measurements.

More than Only S-parameters

The unique characteristics of the calibration procedure of this software allow users to get more than just power-controlled S-parameters. Once the power can be measured, possibilities are countless: large signal characterization, measurement spectral analysis, mixed frequency analysis (for harmonics) and more.

Active Load-Pull with MMW-STUDIO

MMW-STUDIO load-pull is the first active load-pull setup working at frequencies from 50 GHz to 1.1 THz (the frequency range depends on the availability of millimeter wave extenders). It consists of a software module, including all the features of MMW-STUDIO with the addition of the load-pull software, and a hardware module (the Vector Modulation Unit or VMU) which, in combination with extenders, enables load-pull capabilities.

MMW-STUDIO LP is a software add-on, which when used in conjunction with a Vector Modulation Unit (VMU), enables control over the magnitude and phase of the signals delivered to the input and output of the DUT. This enables an engineer to set arbitrary impedances, or perform active load pull measurements, where the magnitude of reflection presented to the DUT is achieved by controlling the reflected a2 wave and fulfilling Γ=a2/b2.

Gain contour at 1 dB compression for a SiGe HBT at 145 GHz measured with MMW-STUDIO LP

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