Wireless Telecom Group to Showcase its Satellite Test & Measurement Solutions at SATELLITE 2022

Wireless Telecom Group to Showcase its Satellite Test & Measurement Solutions at SATELLITE 2022

The Wireless Telecom Group announced that it will showcase its unique solutions for testing a variety of satellite communication solutions at SATELLITE 2022.

As the number of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites continues to increase, ground stations must contend with escalating noise floors and complex RF interference challenges. An in-booth demonstration will highlight how to test for system robustness and resilience in the presence of this interference by generating controllable and sophisticated noise signals to test an amplifier to its noise tolerance limits. In addition, time division duplex (TDD) is pivotal for 5G satellite communications networks due to its optimizations to spectrum management, but success hinges on rapid uplink/downlink signal switching that maintains reliability and precision. A second demonstration will capture the swift performance of TDD pulses with leading test instrumentation to enable next-generation high-performance satellite communications.

Capabilities and solutions emphasized across both demonstrations include:

"From 5G gNodeB to noise generation to best-in-class T&M capabilities, the vast experience and expertise within Wireless Telecom Group can solve a myriad of challenges faced by the satellite industry,” says Matthew Diessner, Sales Director. “The robust, comprehensive product offerings of Wireless Telecom Group provide the solutions necessary to enable the continued advancement and innovation of 5G satellite communications systems."

Held in Washington, D.C., SATELLITE 2022 brings together thought leaders in the space and satellite industries, cultivating new technologies and solutions that drive innovation forward from March 21 to March 24, 2022.

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