MVG Offers a Wide Range of Pre-Compliance and Certification Services for Wireless Devices and Antennas

MVG Offers a Wide Range of Pre-Compliance and Certification Services for Wireless Devices and Antennas

Microwave Vision Group (MVG) offers pre-compliance and certification measurement services for wireless devices, stand-alone antennas, and integrated antennas in four measurement facilities in the USA, France and Italy. In addition to advanced post-processing services, their measurement facilities offer the following measurement capabilities:

  • ANTENNA: Gain directivity, beamwidth, cross polar discrimination, sidelobe levels, 3D radiation pattern, radiation pattern, Globalstar registration and certification measurements in any polarization (linear or circular), antenna efficiency, either in transmit or receive mode, advanced post-processing
  • SAR: Specific Absorption Rate, Local peak and Average SAR (10 g and 1 g) in W/Kg, E-Field (V/m) measurement, Body simulating tissue dielectric evaluation (Permittivity, Conductivity)
  • OTA: Total Radiated Power (TRP), Total Isotropic Sensitivity (TIS), Effective Isotropic Radiated Power (EIRP), Effective Isotropic Sensitivity (EIS), GPS sensitivity (TIS, UHIS, PIGS, ICD)
  • HAC: M ratings (microphone mode) and T ratings (telecoil mode) with Hearing Aid Compatibility devices

For antenna measurements, all of MVG’s systems can perform measurements in record speed, using their patented multi-probe technology MV-Scan. Faster measurements enable not only increased throughput but real-time performance feedback and design tuning. This enables customers to measure over 30 antennas per day for full 3D, volumetric pattern measurements.

MVG’s SG and StarLab systems can perform cylindrical or spherical measurements, based on their probe array technology. For passive (cable-fed) measurements, post-processing options include back projection and holography, allowing the determination of the field values at the aperture, or on a particular plane or radius. As opposed to traditional single probe mechanical scanning, MVG’s technology is based on the electronic scanning of an array of probes. This technology is faster, reduces mechanical movements, simplifies mounting, reduces setup time, and improves accuracy and repeatability.

Key Measurement Services Offered by MVG:

Benefit of full on-site support

MVG offers more than traditional “black box” measurement services. If required, the clients are welcome to support the measurement session to perform on-site troubleshooting and fine tuning of the antenna. Whether present on site or not, MVG’s Test Engineer can help with diagnostic performance evaluation and further post-processing possibilities. They measure antennas from all over the world. An on-site administrative manager will assist customers even with the shipment and travel plan.

Getting More from the results

Customers can profit from MVG’s expertise in antenna, wireless devices measurements and in the measurement systems they develop. An MVG Test Engineer lets customers know immediately if any particular measurement configuration or post processing would be appropriate.

Choosing the right equipment

Customers will have a wide choice of MVG measurement systems available according to measurement specifications and the size of the device that needs to be measured.

Selection from the results

The exported data is available in both ASCII (CSV form) and freeware 3D viewer formats, by default. An automated HTML report containing summary plots allows for a quick overview of the measurement results via a web browser. Specific report content or formats (such as CTIA certification report) are made available when required or upon request.

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