Calian Introduces Advanced Spectrum Monitoring & Signal Analysis System for SATCOM Applications

Calian Introduces Advanced Spectrum Monitoring & Signal Analysis System for SATCOM Applications

Calian announced the introduction of the Decimator D4 Spectrum and Signal Analyzer at SATELLITE 2022. The system is designed to monitor radio frequency (RF) communications and detect signal issues and is available in Multiport, PCIe Card and Portable form factors. The Decimator D4 is ideally suited for satellite, wired and terrestrial wireless networks.

The Decimator D4 RF Spectrum & Signal Analyzer’s most significant new feature is signal analysis, complementing spectrum analyzer capabilities. Powered by a new signal processing engine, the Decimator D4 demodulates and decodes satellite signals, allowing a deeper inspection and analysis of the signals than a traditional spectrum display. The feature proactively identifies issues in the network before they manifest as a failure.

The Decimator D4 has a frequency range of 5 MHz to 6.5 GHz, the upper-frequency limit allows the D4 to directly monitor C-band transmit and receive signals without the use of frequency converters and is useful for emerging Q/V-band applications.

D4 is also suitable for unattended monitoring of carriers in case of signal problems, satellite transponder compression or ground station equipment failure. Users can monitor up to 100 carriers within defined limits for power in a carrier and presence of a carrier. Any anomalies notify interested parties via email or SNMP when a signal is out of limits.

Key features of this spectrum and signal analyzer include:

  • Demodulate & decode MPEG transport stream-based DVB-S/S2/S2X signals
  • Set up programmable alarms via email & SNMP
  • Monitor individual unattended carriers with built-in carrier monitoring
  • View up to 100 carriers in a single window with Spectator add-on
  • Monitor multiple carriers for demodulated signal characteristics with Detector add-on

A new HTML5 web user interface allows the Decimator D4 to be operated from all web browsers on all devices and platforms. Its HTML5 application is compliant with the latest web standards and provides secure user access.

The Decimator includes an application program interface (API) for remote management, configuration, monitoring and automated measurements. This API allows easy integration of Decimator into customer-furnished systems or products, such as SATCOM terminals, antenna control units, VSAT hubs and other similar systems.

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