Arralis Starts of Production of its Ka-Band Downlink Satellite Transceiver

Arralis Starts of Production of its Ka-Band Downlink Satellite Transceiver

The Ka-band Downlink Satellite Transceiver developed by Arralis (KKa-TR-DL-1929) with space heritage, is now in full production and available to order. The fully integrated stand-alone transceiver module is designed for Ka-band satellite communication systems in LEO, offering customers up to an impressive 2.5 GHz of instantaneous bandwidth. The Transceiver has a transmit frequency from 17-21 GHz and a receive frequency from 27-30 GHz enabling full-duplex data transfer. It operates as a wideband up/down converter and includes an onboard frequency synthesizer with low power consumption in a stackable enclosure. 

The transceiver also includes a high-precision clock for LO generation; this clock can be used as a reference for other modules, or it can be locked to an external system reference. It can be used as a stand-alone up/down converter or combined with a modem/Software Defined Radio (SDR), enabling a full-function Ka-band satellite communication system.

The high data rate Satellite Transceiver has space heritage after a successful mission in January 2021 with OHB and Rocket Labs. The system utilizes Arralis’ Ka-band MMIC portfolio and employs a fully integrated chipset, manufactured on a GaAs space-qualified process, enabling high-speed data communication links between satellites and ground-based stations.

Click here to learn more about the KKa-TR-DL-1929 Ka-band Downlink Satellite Transceiver.

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