BAE Systems Successfully Tests its Radar for Tracking Multiple Objects

BAE Systems Successfully Tests its Radar for Tracking Multiple Objects

BAE Systems completed prototype tests of its Multiple Object Tracking Radar (iMOTR), a mobile instrumentation radar that provides precise radar data on multiple objects. The company demonstrated iMOTR’s ability to meet critical key performance parameters – range, transportability, accuracy, and beacon tracking – that other radars, with comparable cost, size, weight, and power cannot.

“We successfully built and tested our breakthrough radar technology as demonstrated in our iMOTR prototype. During this test, we proved the calibration and software integration was accurate, operational, and able to scale for various sizes and requirements of the instrumentation market,” said Pete Trainer, vice president and general manager of BAE Systems Air & Space Force Solutions. “iMOTR positions us to provide the U.S. military and our allies a new, state of the art radar to support their varied missions.”

iMOTR is a new approach to radar, as it uses low-cost phased-array technology developed by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to provide an affordable high-performance radar. The phased arrays are operated with an interferometry design that makes iMOTR more accurate than conventional tactical phased array radars. iMOTR is positioned to be the lowest cost choice for Department of Defense test instrumentation to measure performance at test ranges within and outside of the United States.

BAE Systems’ test in Fort Walton Beach, Fla. included the gathering of time-space-position information data collected on airborne test vehicles. BAE Systems continues to invest in expanding iMOTR’s technical capabilities and refining its requirements to support military weapons and protection systems development.

BAE Systems Air & Space Force Solutions team, based in Fort Walton Beach, has more than four decades of experience delivering precision, high-accuracy radars to government test ranges across the globe.

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