Teledyne SP Devices Introduces SSD Storage Solutions for High-Speed Recording with Peer-to-Peer Support

Teledyne SP Devices Introduces SSD Storage Solutions for High-Speed Recording with Peer-to-Peer Support

Teledyne SP Devices, a designer and manufacturer of world-leading modular data acquisition and signal generation instruments has introduced the ADQDSU – a second-generation solid-state drive (SSD) intended for storage of high-speed recordings in applications such as radar, lidar, and more. With a write speed of 6.8 Gbyte/s, it is available with 8 TB or 32 TB total storage in a single 3U PXI Express (PXIe) slot.

The ADQDSU supports direct data transfer between the digitizer and the storage device via the backplane by utilizing peer-to-peer (P2P) streaming. The main advantage of P2P relative to conventional methods is that it significantly reduces the CPU and DRAM workload on the PXIe controller. The ADQDSU and an ADQ digitizer form a high-performance PXIe recording system. The peer-to-peer streaming requires that the ADQ digitizer has the FWDSU firmware option installed.

Multiple units can be combined within the same chassis to increase the total storage capacity so that long-duration signals can be recorded. Switching between storage units is done automatically in the background without user interaction guaranteeing that recording is seamless without any loss of data.

The ADQDSU is compatible with several digitizers and other infrastructure/hardware available from Teledyne SP Devices. Both the storage unit and the digitizers use the same application programming interface (API), and this helps deliver a plug-and-play user implementation and integration. It is compatible with all major PXI Express chassis brands, including NI, ADLINK, and more.

Teledyne SP Devices offer design and development of custom hardware, firmware, and software to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) – which is a great way of realizing custom projects in a time-efficient manner.

FWDSU Firmware

The FWDSU firmware option enables high-speed peer-to-peer (P2P) data streaming to solid-state drive (SSD) storage and is intended for high-speed recording systems. FWDSU can stream data to multiple disks simultaneously in order to increase the throughput. It also supports seamless handover between disks to ensure uninterrupted continuous recording of large amounts of data.

The firmware can be used for both PXIe and PCIe systems. In PXIe systems the data is transferred to the storage device via the PCIe switch in the backplane of the chassis. It is compatible with major PXIe chassis brands, but it is important to ensure that the selected model supports transfers between the utilized PXIe slots via the switch with sufficient speed.

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Teledyne SP Devices, along with other Teledyne group companies was at the European Microwave Week (EuMW 2021) in London this week. The 2021 European Microwave Week was meant to take place in October last year, but got postponed multiple times due to COVID-19 pandemic and now will be finally taking place in London this week. EuMW 2022 will follow shortly after and take place in Milan, Italy in September 2022.

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