Intelliconnect Introduces High-Quality Triaxial Interconnect Solutions

Intelliconnect Introduces High-Quality Triaxial Interconnect Solutions

Intelliconnect introduced the Triaxial range of high-quality connectors, adaptors and cable assemblies that are designed and manufactured in their UK factory. Triaxial or triax interconnects have an additional conducting and insulating layer when compared to coaxial interconnects. These interconnect solutions support greater bandwidths and are more resistant to interference. However, they are more expensive compared to regular coaxial interconnect solutions.

Triax products are used extensively in Medical applications such as Radiation Detection and Dosimetry as well as Broadcast applications. Triaxial (or Triax) cables provide more bandwidth and interference protection than conventional coaxial cables.

Intelliconnect has a wide range of Triax interconnect products available from stock. The Triax interconnect products use a non-constant impedance design with an isolated ground plane and are readily available in BNC or TNC style configurations. C type and special Triax connectors can also be developed on request. Intelliconnect also offers custom Triaxial designs that are available with short lead times and at competitive prices.

Intelliconnect is refreshingly different from other interconnect product suppliers. They use their experience and innovative thinking to tailor services to each individual customer. They are the supplier of choice for many of the leading American and European Defence, Medical and Marine OEMs and have a Silver SC21 certification.

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