Rosenberger Introduces a Range of Phase-Matched Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Rosenberger Introduces a Range of Phase-Matched Coaxial Cable Assemblies

Rosenberger, a leading manufacturer of high frequency connector solutions has introduced phase-matched cable assemblies that use proprietary techniques, precision frequency and time domain measurements to achieve consistent performance and reliability. Phase matches may range from sub-picoseconds to 10s of picoseconds and even more, with absolute, relative and delay-matching values.

The cables assemblies are available in various types such as air-spaced PTFE cable assemblies, precision-shaped semi-rigid cable assemblies, and polyethylene foam style cable assemblies. All delay match values are specified in picoseconds. Rosenberger’s cable assembly engineering team has found that stating the match in terms of time greatly increases match consistency as well as match clarity.

Three (3) styles of phase matches that can be performed: 

  • Absolute value tolerance: ± 5 ps
  • Relative (typically pair): ≤ ±1 ps
  • Lot match (several cables to many assemblies) please contact the factory for your specific needs.

Various Market Leading Phase Matching Styles

  • Absolute Matching - Matching to a customer defined length.
  • Relative Matching - Matching assemblies relative to one another.
  • Delay-Matched in Pairs – Measured and selected from a large group of assemblies, then selected and labeled accordingly.
  • Delay-Matched to a standard – All cables matched to a standard “Golden sample”.
  • Delay Offset Matching – One or more cables are provided with a delay or offset.

These cables can be used in a wide range of industries including semiconductor test, instrumentation, Military/Aerospace and for communications.

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