Millibox Integrates Copper Mountain's USB Based VNA to Enable Real-Time RF Measurements

Milliwave Silicon Solutions, a company behind MilliBox product line, has integrated its mmWave test system with Copper Mountain's USB-based VNA's to provide a high-degree of modularity and expandability for real-time RF measurements. The complete MilliBox mmWave Antenna Test System with CMT consists of the C4209 Cobalt FX Series which acts as a base unit that operates from 0 to 9 GHz followed by two FET1854 range extenders that operate from 18 GHz to 54 GHz. Additionally, Millibox offers a 330 GHz range extender that lies in the sub-THz frequency band. 

There are two benefits associated with this test system. Firstly, these range extenders can be placed very close to the measurement points allowing high accuracy measurements while being physically located in the far-field region at the same time. Therefore, this system offers a high degree of modularity. 

Secondly, both the CMT's VNA UI and Millibox' Python Controller can be controlled on a single computer screen. The VNA can be locally controlled using a USB. Using this feature, the system allows for phased array measurements where the Python Controller of Millibox acquires a full trace of the radiation pattern response at every step of the sweep. As a result, large amount of data points is collected over a wide operating frequency range. This data is then stored in a .CSV file that contains all the acquired values and as a result plots into a radiation pattern. Above all, the controller can run on any platform.

Those products are highly effective for mmWave phased array antenna and RF system designs in 5 GHz, 6 GHz, 60 GHz, millimeter-wave radar, automotive radar, 77 GHz, 81 GHz, suitable for individual daily usage. It provides antenna radiation pattern and other key Over-The-Air (OTA) testing metrics quickly and efficiently.

Benefits of mmWave Antenna Test System

  • Compact and for individual usage, therefore always available when you need it.
  • Cost competitive even against DYI setups, this means easy to amortize.
  • Modular, so it evolves with your needs.
  • Flexible and expandable software platform.

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