Gore Introduces Mission-Critical Microwave & RF Cable Assemblies for Aircrafts

Gore Introduces Mission-Critical  Microwave & RF Cable Assemblies for Aircrafts

W.L. Gore & Associates, a company that develops and manufactures high-performance signal transmission products has introduced the 7 Series Microwave/RF cable assemblies that are designed to be resistant to water, vapor, fuel and other hazardous contaminants that can severely compromise critical mission systems. These cable assemblies operate from 2 GHz to 40 GHz and can provide exceptional mechanical protection and electrical performance as compared to standard rigid assemblies.

Gore’s studies and research explains that the aerospace environment routinely exposes microwave/RF assemblies to harsh contaminants such as fuels, oils and chemicals that can quickly degrade aircraft structures and cause assembly failure in sensitive avionics. In fact, globally more than 75% of microwave/RF assemblies are frequently replaced because of damage during installation or operation according to our independent studies and research. Costs can quickly add up with replacing assemblies, extra labor and more maintenance and downtime.

The 7 Series cable assemblies are engineered precisely to prevent the ingress of water, vapor, fuel and other harmful environmental contaminants. These award-winning assemblies routinely maintain low insertion/return loss and excellent phase stability at frequencies up to 40 GHz.

Not only that, Gore’s robust assemblies provide outstanding shielding effectiveness against electromagnetic interference that can compromise signal integrity and reduce the quality of signal transmission. They also offer robust, low-profile connector options designed specifically to complement assembly performance, minimizing loss and reflection for optimized signal transmission.

From an installation standpoint, aircraft maintainers will find it much easier to route these assemblies in confined areas because they’re smaller and more flexible with a tighter bend radius. One can be confident that the 7 Series will not break or fail during routing like other standard assemblies that are more rigid.

The 7 Series is thoroughly tested and qualified for military airborne applications. They meet stringent mechanical / environmental requirements such as MIL-T-81490. All of this means superior performance over the aircraft’s lifetime, fewer replacements, reduced system downtime and lower total costs.

Benefits of 7 Series Cable Assemblies

  • Durable vapor sealing prevents ingress of water vapor and hash contaminants
  • Maintains low insertion/return loss with excellent phase stability up to 40 GHz
  • Less RF interference among electronic systems due to outstanding shielding effectiveness
  • Smaller diameter with greater flexibility and tighter bend radius for ease of installation
  • Longer system life for reduced downtime and less total costs
  • Increased design flexibility with a variety of robust,low-profile connector options
  • Meets stringent mechanical/environmental requirements such as MIL-T-81490.

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