Aaronia Develops an Intelligent Drone Detection System to Detect and Immobilize Unwanted Drones

Aaronia Develops an Intelligent Drone Detection System to Detect and Immobilize Unwanted Drones

Aaronia AG, an internationally-renowned high-tech company that develops intelligent drone detection and defense systems with an extremely high range, precision and reliability has introduced the AARTOS, a drone detection system that is designed to detect and defeat the intrusion of unwanted drones. It is an innovative system for detection and neutralization of potential threats from other eavesdropping drones and can be used to protect the national security borders, governmental facilities, military, airports, industrial or commercial sites, residential areas or events.

The AARTOS system can detect and locate a large number of drones simultaneously. It detects more than 99% of all commercial drones. The system can identify the type of drone that is intruding any protected area and can also track and locate the operator that is remotely controlling the respective drone. To provide detectability over a very wide area, the number of receivers can be arbitrarily expanded such that every possible zone can be covered.

This drone detection system offers robustness under all weather conditions with a 3D multi-functional flight pass view and can provide a detection range of up to 50 km.

Using real-time frequency monitoring, it can easily distinguish any drone from other aircrafts or birds and can detect before the third-party drone invades a protected area. The drone then classifies it as a potential threat. This is a particularly useful feature since countermeasures such as recording and marking the position of the targeted drone can be conducted beforehand.

The drone detection system uses various parameters such as flight direction, altitude, speed and type to know the status of the oncoming drone. Once this drone senses the unwanted drones, the system triggers an alarm which in turn activates the jammer to immobilize and ground the drone.

An additional feature is that the system can take control of the drone and land it safely in a pre-defined area ensuring that the relevant services will deal with the perpetrator.

AARTOS is an all-in-one drone detection solution system that can be used anywhere and wherever the protection is needed.

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