CPI Acquires Adamworks to Expand its Radome Business

CPI Acquires Adamworks to Expand its Radome Business

The Radant Technologies Division of Communications & Power Industries has completed the acquisition of AdamWorks, a design engineering and manufacturing company based in Centennial, Colorado that specializes in composite structures for business and commercial aviation, manned and unmanned systems, and space and defense applications.

The acquisition is expected to complement CPI's existing radome business by expanding its airborne product line to include new types of products, materials, and technologies. AdamWorks designs and manufactures pods, radomes, and fairings for manned and unmanned systems for defense customers, fairings to support in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC) applications for commercial aviation customers, and pressure vessels, fairings, and other structures for aerospace customers. Since 2007, AdamWorks has provided thousands of structures for more than 20 types of aircraft, working with a wide range of advanced materials, including carbon fiber, fiberglass, quartz, honeycomb foam, and aluminum cores.

The newly acquired company has been renamed CPI AdamWorks LLC, and the acquisition will become part of the CPI Radant Technologies Division within the Satcom & Antenna Technologies business unit. It will continue to operate out of its current facilities and will be managed by its co-founder, Kim Madigan.

"CPI sees a continuing need to support the evolving technologies of our defense aviation customers and tremendous growth potential for in-flight entertainment and connectivity systems in commercial and business aviation markets. The addition of AdamWorks will enable CPI to offer a more comprehensive, vertically integrated product line to both our commercial and defense aviation customers," said Tim Smith, president of CPI Radant Technologies Division.

"AdamWorks is extremely excited to join the CPI team. We believe CPI's depth of engineering and manufacturing capabilities, as well as their global presence, will allow us to significantly grow our business," said Kim Madigan, co-founder, and chief executive officer of AdamWorks.

Terms of the acquisition were not disclosed.

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