Frequency Electronics Introduces Digital Rubidium Atomic Clock for Space Applications

Frequency Electronics Introduces Digital Rubidium Atomic Clock for Space Applications

Frequency Electronics, Inc. has announced that its next-generation Digital Rubidium Atomic Clock (DRAC) is now available for space applications requiring extreme precision, long holdover and rapid recovery capability from radiation hazards in space, both natural and man-made. The DRAC incorporates an ultra-high stability oscillator with digital tuning capability that enables advanced system functionality such as clock ensembling and data-driven AI.

FEI CEO Stan Sloane commented, “We are extremely pleased to be able to offer this advanced atomic clock to customers who need the highest performance, most flexible and most reliable clocks for precision timing applications. Our DRAC represents years of research and development efforts, now successfully completed and resulting in a remarkable piece of technology. DRAC is the first of several advanced technology atomic clocks that have been in development at FEI, all of which offer significantly higher performance for space and other applications. I am excited by these new products and their particular importance for applications related to precision timing and navigation (PNT) which is becoming ever more critical in an environment where current navigation systems are susceptible to jamming and spoofing. The holdover afforded by these high stability clocks enables PNT systems not only to weather periods of GPS signal outage from jamming, but the digital tuning also affords rapid recovery from more aggressive attacks against PNT signals that employ high energy radiation. FEI is also progressing rapidly on a pulsed version of the DRAC technology, which incorporates advanced laser technology into the clock, as well as an advanced Mercury Ion clock. All of these products will provide significantly improved performance for government and commercial use.”

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