Stackable Patch Antenna Technology Enhances mmWave 5G Coverage from 24 to 29.5 GHz

Stackable Patch Antenna Technology Enhances mmWave 5G Coverage from 24 to 29.5 GHz

Kreemo, a company specializing in mmWave and 5G consumer and industrial solutions, has introduced the P360°16. It is the world’s 1st planar 5G stackable patch antenna (SPA) with 360° coverage (6 directions). This innovative product is a cost-effective 5G small cell solution that significantly improves indoor 5G coverage while maintaining a small size and low power consumption.

According to Kreemo, the most intuitive approach to maximizing 5G beamforming coverage is to incorporate mmWave 5G antennas on two opposing surfaces. However, the beam steering capabilities of the conventional approach has obvious limitations in achieving full spherical beam coverage. To resolve this physical constraint, Kreemo provides the 360° solution using SPA (Stackable Patch Antenna) technology to enable a spherical beam coverage.

This mmWave 5G antenna has two 4x4 antennas that are stacked up at the top and bottom which maximizes beam coverage and provides a peak gain of 16 dBi. It is dual-polarized and operates in the 5G-NR band from 24 to 29.5 GHz with support for MU-MIMO.

Kreemo’s 360° 5G antenna solution enables mmWave 5G services to be available everywhere and can be used in any device that demands robust and seamless 5G connectivity including customer premises equipment (CPE), base stations and routers among others.

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