MVG Offers an Innovative Solution to Test Isotropic's Multi-beam High Throughput Antenna Terminal

MVG Offers an Innovative Solution to Test Isotropic's Multi-beam High Throughput Antenna Terminal

Isotropic Systems, an innovator of next-generation integrated satellite terminal technology turned to the Microwave Vision Group (MVG) to develop a zero-CAPEX solution for highly accurate testing and measurement. The multi-beam high throughput terminal developed by Isotropic systems needed a lab-based testing system to test the performance of its products and fine-tune its numerical predictions during the componentry development phase.

Isotropic Systems is a satellite technology start-up, known for the development of the world’s first multi-beam high throughput terminal. This terminal is infinitely scalable to precise scanning requirements while removing the bottleneck created by other technologies, to unlock limitless bandwidth.

Third-party validation for a new tech start-up

Even with ‘world-first’ technology which has captured the attention of key defense, maritime, and telecommunications giants amongst others, third-party validation of numerical predictions is crucial for a start-up business proving its capabilities in a rapidly evolving industry landscape, such as in NewSpace. Isotropic Systems needed access to technology that would enable them to offer investors like Boeing Horizon X Ventures, and of course potential customers, the security of third-party validated measurements to prove the performance and quality of their products, while also ensuring improvements upon numerical modelizations during product development.

The MVG Solution

Measurements at the MVG test facility, with the latest StarLab technology, enabled Isotropic Systems to offer potential customers and investors the security of third-party validated measurements that not only proved the performance credential of their products, but also led to improvements in the accuracy of their original numerical predictions; getting similar results both ways, the measurement system and electromagnetic models effectively validated each other.

Key Benefits

Being able to defer the required CAPEX investment but still reap the rewards of highly accurate testing was of enormous benefit to Isotropics in the early stages of their company growth, who were able to offer potential investors and customers the security of third-party validated measurements. Thanks to the accuracy and speed of the StarLab, they were able to accelerate their compliance testing well ahead of schedule, characterizing relevant components and integrating the measurements into their modelization tool, which ultimately led to the development of a better product.

Future plans for Isotropic Systems 

Focused on expanding the company through strategic hiring of skilled innovators, engineers and sales professionals, Isotropics is dedicated to creating a reliable and lean supply chain and internal workforce. In turn, this will lead to the development of formal product lines designed to unlock the ever-expanding market opportunities for HTS.

“For us, MVG’s StarLab offered accuracy at a speed which provided a unique opportunity to accelerate our compliance testing well ahead of schedule. It was simple to characterize relevant components and integrate the measurements in our modelization tool - obtaining better modelization and ultimately a better product,” Jeremiah Turpin, Chief Technical Officer for Isotropic Systems.

“The measurement services offered at our antenna testing facility at MVG, Inc. in Georgia enabled MVG to meet Isotropic Systems’ needs without them having to commit to an upfront purchase. With their periodic measurement requests, MVG was able to accommodate short intervals whereby their lead engineer could work out of our Georgia facility, using our onsite StarLab technology to produce 3D patterns, and test and characterize each component as required,” explains Jim Acree, Antenna and Measurement Services Engineer at MVG.

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