Boonton Enters the Noise Generation Market with the Introduction of a Programmable Noise Generator

Boonton Enters the Noise Generation Market with the Introduction of a Programmable Noise Generator

Boonton, a Wireless Telecom Group company has entered the noise generation market with the introduction of the NGX1000 Programmable Noise Generator, a new series of instruments that deliver a fast, simple way to add RF and microwave noise in communications systems to test reliability, robustness, and performance – all packaged in a compact form factor for easy benchtop or rackmount use. The NGX1000 combines high-performance noise generation technology from Noisecom with the latest Boonton instrument platform that offers an easy-to-use modern interface, enabling flexible, programmable noise generation for broad use in the semiconductor, military, aerospace, satellite, medical, and communications industries.

The NGX1000 is capable of generating noise in the frequency range of 10 MHz to 3 GHz with exceptional flatness over the entire frequency band and user-selectable attenuation from 0 dB to 127.9 dB in 0.1 dB steps. All functions of the instrument are controlled through a simple touch screen user interface locally or remotely over an Ethernet connection. The noise output is through an N connector for a fast, direct connection to a device or system under test.

With the NGX1000, Boonton continues to build on its position as a leader in high-performance RF and microwave test equipment for radar, avionics, electronic warfare, satellite communications, wireless connectivity, and EMI/EMC applications. Used across the semiconductor, military, aerospace, medical, and communications industries for more than 70 years, Boonton products enable a wide range of RF signal generation, power measurement, noise generation, and signal analysis for RF product design, production, maintenance, and system integration. The Boonton product portfolio is designed and assembled in the USA and includes RF signal generators, programmable noise generators, peak, and average RF power meters, real-time USB power sensors, USB/LAN power sensors, RF voltmeters, modulation analyzers, and audio analyzers.

"Adding noise generation with the NGX1000 is the next step in the expansion of the Boonton product portfolio, which already includes high-performance RF power measurement and signal generation. This broader portfolio strengthens our position as a leader of RF instrumentation for use in R&D and manufacturing test as it allows us to provide engineers and technicians with another tool to enable deeper characterization, analysis, and calibration of their designs and products,” said Walt Strickler, VP of Engineering and Product Management of Boonton.

“Boonton and Noisecom have designed, built, and delivered high-performance RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave instruments side by side for many years as part of Wireless Telecom Group. The development of the new Boonton platform for the PMX and SGX product lines was the perfect opportunity for the teams to work together to deliver high-performance noise generation in a new form factor to a broader set of customers and applications,” said Dr. Lee McMillan, VP of Engineering and Manufacturing of Noisecom.

The NGX1000 programmable noise generator has not been added to the Boonton website yet. However, WTG will be showcasing this product at their booth at IMS 2022 later this month in Denver from 21 2- 23 June. The product will be available for delivery later in 2022.

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