Resound Networks and Airspan Deliver Gigabit Speeds for Fixed Wireless Services in the 6 GHz Band

Resound Networks and Airspan Deliver Gigabit Speeds for Fixed Wireless Services in the 6 GHz Band

Resound Networks and Airspan Networks have successfully provided gigabit-tier fixed wireless services using experimental 6 GHz spectrum at a distance of over 3 miles in real-world testing. Achieving FCC Rural Development Opportunity Fund (RDOF) gigabit-tier speeds of 1 Gbps download and 500 Mbps upload at extended distances demonstrates the importance of this eagerly anticipated band to deliver fiber quality services via wireless in rural areas nationwide.

Resound tested the Airspan Mimosa 6-series fixed wireless access (FWA) solution using new 160 MHz wide channels that will become available with the 6 GHz band, demonstrating up to 1.84 Gbps aggregate speed to subscribers. The Airspan A6 is the highest performing outdoor fixed wireless access point for the 6 GHz band with up to 7 Gbps total capacity, and provides critical high antenna performance for extended range and coverage.

Tyson Curtis, CEO of Resound Networks said, “Resound is committed to expanding gigabit-tier services as we rapidly expand into new markets. We were impressed working with Airspan that we exceeded our gigabit-tier distance expectations in the 6 GHz band by 50% reaching out to over 3 miles. Airspan’s Mimosa A6 and C6x solution will help us expedite the deployment of reliable gigabit services to even more subscribers in rural markets than previously expected.”

It’s an exciting time for ISPs for rapid fixed wireless expansion, as we are in tandem introducing a long-range, multi-gigabit-capable band with the 6 GHz band, as well as the next generation of massive MIMO, OFDM and interference-cancelling technologies,” said Eric Stonestrom, Chairman and CEO of Airspan Networks. “We applaud the FCC and encourage rapid completion of the 6 GHz Automated Frequency Coordinator, so that ISPs can leverage this new style of hybrid licensed-unlicensed spectrum to expedite closing the digital divide in rural and under-served areas with future-proof performance at a fraction of the cost of fiber.”

The 6 GHz band, which is in the final steps of being made available by the FCC for coordinated outdoor unlicensed use, is a critical band for delivering gigabit services in mid-band spectrum. With very low noise characteristics compared to 5 GHz unlicensed bands, larger 160 MHz channels, and significantly improved propagation versus millimeter wave band solutions, the 6 GHz spectrum band is the best choice for high reliability longer distance gigabit services. The Airspan Mimosa 6-series will be commercially available this summer, ready to support the 6 GHz band upon outdoor approval to open the band by the FCC.

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